Monday 25th of March 2019

Takfir terrorists exhume and destroy a Sufi tomb in Old Aleppo

Takfir terrorists exhume and destroy a Sufi tomb in Old Aleppo

Takfiri terrorists destroyed the tomb of Sheikh Mohammad al-Nabhan, a known figure within Islamic Sufism, at al-Kiltawiyeh Mosque in Bab al-Hadid area in the Old City of Aleppo, northern Syria.

Hossam Hout, a teacher at al-Kiltawiyeh Religious Education School, confirmed that terrorists exhumed and destroyed the grave of Sheikh al-Nabhan.

This incident is not one of its kind, as the terrorist organizations have vandalized, exhumed and shelled several mosques, shrines and monuments of religious importance under "polytheism" claims.

Hout noted that the terrorists also vandalized the library of the school, which is also called al-Nabhaniyeh after Sheikh Mohammad al-Nabhan, who had taken the small mosque near which the school was built in1960s as his place to contemplate and worship God.

Even the houses adjacent to the school were not spared, with the terrorists breaking into them and stealing the contents, according to Hout.

Local sources also pointed out that the residents of the area had tried to prevent the terrorists from destroying the tomb, but to no avail as the terrorists imposed a curfew in the area and accomplished their destruction.

In a relevant context, terrorist organizations affiliated to the so-called "Supporters of Religion Front" published on their social media pages a video showing a number of their members taking part in destroying the tomb and trying to exhume the remains of Sheikh al-Nabhan.

Directorate of Aleppo's Awkaf (Religious Endowments) condemned in a statement the terrorists' act of destroying the tomb, describing it as "an abominable crime."

It added that this crime reflects the terrorist organizations' obscurantist mentality that seeks to undermine the real religious thinking, calling upon the governments that are supporting terrorism and extremism to halt these acts.


source : www.abna.ir
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