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Effect of Prophet’s Personality on the Spread of Islam

Effect of Prophet’s Personality on the Spread of Islam

Besides the Qur'an, Prophet Muhammad's personality, his behavior, his precept, his management and leadership can be regarded as other important factors for rapid spread and influence of Islam. Even after his demise, his precept and tradition has been among crucial factors of spread of Islam.

In his personal behavior and practices, he was really kind and patient. However, in keeping promises and social responsibilities, he was very strict. In what follows we refer to one event and Prophet Muhammad's behavior and reaction.

A man from Quraysh aristocracy had stolen something. When he confessed to stealing and it became obvious that he was a culprit, he was to be sentenced. It was there that the relatives started intervening. One said: "Messenger of Allah! If it is possible, please don't punish him; he is the son of that person who, as you know, is very respectful; if he is punished, the reputation of a respected family may be tarnished. His father and brother came for intervention but Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not accept and said: "it's impossible, do you want me to disobey Islam and its laws? If that man was not from an aristocrat family and no one would come for intervention, all of you would say, 'yes! He is culprit and must be punished.' Thus, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) did not accept recommendations and interventions at all.

These events show that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was very strict in principled issues while he was very kind and gentle in personal issues to the extent that he easily forgave and forgot. Such a soft temper can be regarded as one of the most significant factors for rapid development of Islam.


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