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Shiite Scholar: Moral Model of the Islam Prophet; the Best Educative Model

Shiite Scholar: Moral Model of the Islam Prophet; the Best Educative Model

Razavi Holy Shrine' lecturer said: Educative and ethical model of the great Prophet (S.A.W.) is the most appropriate and the best educative model in the religion which he has brought to guide the humanity.

According to the report issued from the news staff of the special programs of Safar's last decade, Ayatollah Mohsen Kazerooni elaborated, in the sermon series holding in Imam Khomeini (R.A.) portico, on the "educative conduct, ethical wisdom, and prodigies of the Islam Prophet (S.A.W.) and said: Because of having "enormous creation", the great Prophet has been the model of ethical virtues for all the human beings in all eras.

He said: Having good behavior in the society and also having right way of social communication are the essentials of the human ethic which have always been emphasized by the prophets (S.A.W.) and Imams (A.S.). By thinking about the lifestyle of the Islam's great Prophet (S.A.W.) and also that of Imams (A.S.), the Islamic society's criteria for ethical deeds can be understood.
Great Prophet; the best model

The lecturer of the Razavi Holy Shrine said: Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (S.A.W) had been the best and the most complete model of humanity who could, by having kind action and behavior, close many astray people's hearts to the Islam, during his 23 years of prophecy.
Referring to the greatness of the Islam Prophet, he added: To respect and commemorate his great position, God has named him with some unique titles such as: "O Prophet" and "O Messenger".

Ayatollah Kazerroni stressed: In some of the traditions, the Prophet's temperament has been analogized with the Holy Quran. It means that if someone is looking for the real and practical sample of Quran, he has to consider Prophet's behavior to find out how Quranic order have all been established in behavior, insight, and conduct of the great Prophet.

He stressed: The pearl-shedding life of the Prophet (S.A.W.) is full of spirituality, emotion, and kindness. In terms of personal behavior, also, he is a perfect sample of human being in terms of kindness, honesty, knowledge, sincerity, dedication, etc.

Referring to loving people and being kind with them as some of the prominent characteristics of the Prophet, this religion's expert retreated: Scientific conduct, behavior, and personal and social communications of the great Prophet (S.A.W.) were full of kindness and generosity.

It is reminded that reciting praying books, holding mourning ceremonies, and having elegy recitations are some other programs which have been provisioned by the Islamic Relations and Propagation Office of Astan Quds Razavi during these days in the Razavi Holy Shrine.


source : www.abna.ir
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