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Imam Hasan (AS), the Magnanimous

Imam Hasan (AS), the Magnanimous

I shall first narrate a tradition about Imam Hasan (AS). I hope this tradition becomes a beacon of guidance for all of us.

Once a person came to the presence of Imam Hasan (AS) and made a fervent appeal for help. The Imam (AS) came out of his house with the person. When he found Imam Husayn (AS) on the way, he asked the person, "Why didn't you approach this brother of mine for help?" The man said, "O son of the Prophet!
I had noticed that Imam Husayn (AS) was in the mosque doing his I'tekaaf (retirement to the mosque for continued prayer). At that moment Imam Hasan (AS) said the following words that should be a source of guidance for us: "If you had approached Imam Husayn (AS) during his I'tekaaf for his help, and he had fulfilled your need, then the reward for him would have been more than continuous prayer (I'tekaaf) for one month!" (Bihar, Vol 74, Page 335)

If someone provides relief to a Muslim, his reward will be more than that for spending a month in the mosque praying day and night! I, therefore, appeal to all the believing men and womenthat, to the extent possible, they should provide help and assistance to Muslims.
A wife who helps her husband and a husband who takes care of the needs of his wife too shall earn this reward. This will be the theme of our talk today.


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