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Razavi Holy Shrine is the most Beautiful Touristic Place in Iran

Razavi Holy Shrine is the most Beautiful Touristic Place in Iran

A Slovakian pilgrim said, "The Razavi holy shrine is the most beautiful touristic and pilgrimage place in Iran."

According to Astan Quds Razavi news website, a group of tourists from Slovakia in their trip to Mashhad attended in the Razavi holy shrine and took part in a ceremony arranged by the Office of Non-Iranian Pilgrims' Affairs.

Knowing about the holy shrine, visiting the museums of Astan Quds Razavi, answering the questions and doubts of the tourists about Islam, actions, and manners of Muslims by religious experts, and dedication of cultural packages were among the programs held by this office for this group of tourists. Martina Terjinowa said in the verge of this visitation, "I had never heard of the name of Imam Reza (A.S.) earlier; but since I entered Iran I saw anywhere the name and traces of devotion of Iranians and especially Mashhadi people towards Imam Reza (A.S.)."

In the margin of visiting the courtyards and porticos of the holy shrine, she remarked, "The magnitude of the Razavi Jame' courtyard and the architecture and glass work applied in the holy shrine have added much to its beauty."

Noting that Iran is a genuine and civilized country, she said, "By this trip, I found out that Iran is one of the main touristic-religious countries of the world."

At the end, she appreciated the Office of Non-Iranian Pilgrims' Affairs for organizing various programs for members of Slovakian group.


source : www.abna.ir
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