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Egyptian Quran Reciter, Memorizer Says Follows Noaina’s Style

Egyptian Quran Reciter, Memorizer Says Follows Noaina’s Style

Muhammad Niazi, Egyptian memorizer of the Holy Quran, said his role-models in memorization and recitation of the Quran and Tajweed principles are Ahmed Ahmed Noaina and Abdulhakim Abdullatif.

Niazi, who will represent Egypt in the 5th International Holy Quran Competition for Muslim Students, told IQNA that he has attended Quran teaching classes held by Ahmad Al-‘Isaa Al-Misarawi and learned Tajweed and recitation principles under Sheikh Abdulhakim Abdullatif, eminent Egyptian Quran reciters who have highly influenced the young Quran memorizer.
He is studying English language at the Faculty of Languages and Translation of Al-Azhar University in Egypt.
Niazi started learning the Holy Quran at the age of 3 and learned the entire Quran by heart when he was 7 years old.
He studied Tajweed principles at the age of 8 under Egyptian Quran experts and then finished learning Qiraat ‘Ashr (the 10 modes of Quran recitation).
Mohammad Niazi will compete in memorization category of the Muslim students Quran contest.
The fifth edition of the competition is scheduled to be held in January 2015 in Tehran by the Iranian Academics' Quranic Activities Organization.
The Iranian cities of Isfahan, Tehran, Mashhad and Tabriz hosted the previous four editions of the international competition, which is aimed at enhancing Islamic unity, paving the way for promotion of Quranic teachings and culture and providing a venue for interactions among Muslim world students.
Niazi further said he has participated in various Quranic programs in Iran, Brazil, Turkey and Jordan and managed to win the first rank several times in national Quran competitions in Egypt.
The Egyptian Quran reciter and memorizer was the honorary guest of Awqaf International Quran Competition in Iran last year.
About Quranic activities in his country, he said that the Ministry of Awqaf in Egypt organizes national Quran contests and conferences in the holy month of Ramadan every year.
Quran teaching courses and Tajweed classes are also held for children in elementary schools, he noted.
Niazi went on to say that Quran competitions are received very well in Egypt's schools and universities.


source : www.iqna.ir
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