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The Islamic communities shouldn't forget their responsibility towards emerging the Takfiri groups

The Islamic communities shouldn't forget their responsibility towards emerging the Takfiri groups

Dr. Javadi said:" we are all responsible towards the appearance of Takfiri groups and should investigate the reasons of this disaster from which the Islamic world is now suffering.

According to the congress report, Dr. Qasem Javadi at the meeting of the genealogy commission presented his article on "Our responsibility towards Takfiri movement" and considered the separation of Muslims from Quran and narrations as a reason to this situation.

He also added: a number of youth from Islamic countries found out non-muslims coming to Islamic countries and seized the control and turned the capital cities of these countries as the corruption centers, it was natural for some of them to take an action, but these actions caused a misunderstanding of Islam.

Dr.Javadi pointing to Islam as the religion of peace and affection stated: the holy Quran invites us to have peaceful relations with different religions, but nowadays we can see extremist and Takfiri groups committing heinous crimes under the flag of Islam and harm the pure religion of Islam.

The International Congress on Extremist and Takfiri Movements in the Islamic Scholars' View closed its works in the presence of Prominent Muslim scholars from 83 countries on Monday Nov 24. 2014 in Qom, Iran.


source : www.abna.ir
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