Monday 17th of June 2019

Iran religious leader says Muslims must thwart menaces of terrorism

Iran religious leader says Muslims must thwart menaces of terrorism

He made the remarks in Arabic at International Conference on 'Extremism and Takfiri groups in the view of Muslim Ulemas' in the holy city of Qom.

It is expected that through cooperation of Shia and Sunni religious leaders to witness alleviating of sufferings of Muslims who have fallen victims of extremism and save them away from threats of Takfiri groups, said Ayatollah Makarem.

The conference aims to urge Muslims in the Muslim World to declare that the crimes and atrocities perpetrated by the Takfiri groups have nothing to do with Islam

The conference has set redlines which are defined to avoid political issues which might trigger discords among Muslims and respecting all Islamic religious sects, Ayatollah Makarem said.

Regretfully, in recent years Takfiri and extremist groups have committed

unprecedented crimes against humanity and shed blood of numerous innocent people and have demolished parts of Islamic civilization such as shrine of prophets and divine figures, he said.

Daesh Takfiri terrorist group is among one of these extremist groups waging war against Muslims in the name of Islam in order to shatter the image of Islam, he said.

All should help eradicate the root cause of such extremist groups through military, political and cooperation among all Islamic sects, underlined Ayatollah Makarem.


source : www.irna.ir
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