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Prohibition on Takfir (excommunication) of the believers of Mohammed`s Kiblah from viewpoint of Islamic scholars

Prohibition on Takfir (excommunication) of the believers of Mohammed`s Kiblah from viewpoint of Islamic scholars


Molavi Nazir Ahmad Salami



The main question of this article is: are Takfiri groups such as Daesh considered to be lawful? Can we justify their claim of caliphate formation from the standpoint of Qur'an, Sunnah and Islamic scholars? Daesh, Jabhat al-Nusra and other Takfiri groups who claim to have Islamic caliphate, frequently; set their hand in murder and massacre of the innocent people destruction of their lands, houses, mosques and temples misusing naïve people's religious feelings and committing the worst treachery against human morality and Islam to serve their lords of western. We found it essential to weigh up the authenticity of their movements and attitudes in the light of Sunnah and Islamic scholars' fatwā. Having analyzed Quran's verses, hadiths and fatwā of jurists, hadith narrators and Islamic scholars, this study proves that it is obscene and a devilish action and against Islamic law to Takfir (excommunicate) the believers of Mohammed`s Kiblah and to genocide and devastate lands, temples and mosques in the name of an Islamic Jihad, this is an action that favors the occupant regime and damage Islamic nation.

There are many factors and reliable evidences derived from the Book, Sunnah and muftis' fatwā which nullify and announce Takfiri movements as unlawful and see Daesh and Takfiri groups nothing but a union between American, Israelis and Arabs with a predicted purposes of providing safety and security for Israel, preventing Islamic Iran and Muslim brothers from penetrating to the region and Islamic communities.

Keywords: Takfir, Daesh, fatwā, the Book and Sunnah, Jurists, and Hadith Narrators


source : www.makhateraltakfir.com
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