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Foresight of Takfiri Group’s Conducts

Foresight of Takfiri Group’s Conducts


Mustafa Husseni Golkar



Majority of Islamic world has always been excommunicating Takfiri movements. However; the circle of such movements' emergence and downfall requires continuous attempts of Islamic scholars for the purpose of alerting the society to counter Takfiri Movements in different periods of time. In this sense one shall keep in mind that takfiris have theoretical trough which is main sources of their successions for yesterday, today and tomorrow. Therefore; the main concerns is to counter Takfiri thoughts. On the other hand, future study as a social measure is an independent action, interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary though, in the position of applied and combined knowledge accompanied by other sciences, it can play the role of a powerful mean to analyze and propose strategies for political and social sciences.

In this study scenario method, as an important mean of future study, has been used to analyze the issue of Takfiri thought and the reaction against it.

The analysis of Takfiri movements proves that lacking in future main decisiveness, causes Takfiri thoughts outbreak and arrests media attention, i.e. as these two factors-supposedly independent- are designing quadruplet environment of scenario, they can assign Islamic world's diverse forms of countering Takfiri movements meanwhile. Scenarios are to command some strategies to counter takfiri measures through describing current ambiguity that decision makers and scholars and politicians face as they encounter Takfiri movement and their future.

The important point is that, these scenarios attain desirably supreme power, by applying logical relations between their own components and by the aim of enormous images that they make out of the issue, to bring consensus and sympathy amongst Islamic Madhhabs and scholars for the purpose of acting against Takfiri movements.

Keyword: Future Study, Takfiri Thoughts, Scenario, Unity of Islamic Madhhabs, Media, Social Measure.


source : www.makhateraltakfir.com
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