Wednesday 26th of June 2019

Bahrain: A Shiite detainee murdered under brutal torture in Jaw prison

Bahrain: A Shiite detainee murdered under brutal torture in Jaw prison

The Liberties and Human Rights Department in Al Wefaq National Islamic Society considers Hasan Majeed Alsheikh a victim of brutal torture. Alsheikh was murdered in the Jaw Central Prison by personnel serving at the Bahraini security apparatus which takes responsibility of the murder.

Two other victims, who survived the torture, witnessed the torture crime perpetrated against the victim Hasan AlSheikh. The inmates heard Hasan weeping when he was put in solitary confinement, before he passed away.

Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre

This is not the first torture crime perpetrated against the prisoners in Jaw prison or other detention centres. This crime comes as part of the serious consequences of the official policy of impunity that has been maintained since the first victim of murder or assault decades ago from today. Torturers in Bahrain feel safe and protected from justice, under this policy. A transparent and strong policy needs to be implemented against perpetrators, regardless of their official posts.

The Authorities' response to the crime demonstrates the level of perversion of the State-apparatuses responsible for the cases of killings, torture, assaults and violations against victims.


source : www.abna.ir
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