Thursday 21st of March 2019

Quran Copies Distributed in Algeria’s Hospitals

Quran Copies Distributed in Algeria’s Hospitals

"Awlad Al-Khayr" Association in Algeria distributes copies of the Holy Quran among patients in hospitals of different parts of the country.

According to Al-Khabar newspaper, the project titled "Quran for every patient" was started with the motto of "charity; our motto, to do charity; our wish, creating smiles; cause of our happiness, and heaven; our dream".
Sayyed Amin, on official with the association said that the Quranic project was started one month ago and Mayo Hospital at Bab Al-Wadi region of Algiers was the first hospital of the country gifted copies of the Divine Book.
He said that in this project Quranic stories are distributed among children aged less than 6 and the teenagers are gifted copies of the 30th Juz (part) of the Holy Quran.
So far about 1000 copies of the Holy Quran and 80 prayer rug have been collected to be distributed among patients in this country.


source : www.iqna.ir
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