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Why to Mourn over the Master of Martyrs?

Why to Mourn over the Master of Martyrs?

The world has certain rules and regulations legislated by the Creator, who is All Knowing and does not do anything without a reason.

We see nothing except glory and grandeur of the Creator in this world. His rules and traditions do not suffer from slightest shortcoming. In fact, scientists and thinkers ponder on the analysis and try to discover the reasons of these rules. They find the secrets of some of these rules, while they are unable to find the secret of others.

One of the proven rules in this world is that of gravity. There is no doubt about it. Or, another natural rule indicates that water boils at 100 degree Celsius.

These rules seem unalterable and are evident. As the natural system is based on the rules legislated by the Creator, He has also set the values of this universe.

In other words, on the side of legislation of rules dominating the nature, He has also set the desirable values. Hence, as we cannot question the natural programs of the world of creation such as the Newton Law or boiling of water at 100 degree Celsius, we cannot cast doubt on the values dominating the world.

One of the issues underlined in our traditions is mourning over the master of Martyrs Imam Hussein (A.S).
According to these traditions, weeping on the martyrdom of Imam Hussein has a high reward. It is among the issues related to obedience of God and is just like natural law which is not questionable.


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