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Muawiyah Failed to recite the traveler’s prayer on journeys

Muawiyah Failed to recite the traveler’s prayer on journeys

Tabarani and Ahmad ibn Hanbal narrate from ‘Ibad ibn ‘Abd Allah ibn Zubayr on an authentic chain of transmission that he said, "When Mu‘awiyah intended to go for the hajj, he came to inform us about his intention and we traveled together to Mecca. He prayed two rak‘ats for the noon prayers with us.

Then, he went to Dar al-Nadwah. ‘Uthman was there and was praying full prayers (four rak‘ats). When Mu‘awiyah reached Mecca, he also prayed four rak‘ats for the zuhr, ‘asr and ‘isha' prayers. After leaving Mina and ‘Arafat, he shortened his prayers. And after leaving the hajj, he stopped and camped at Mina and prayed full prayers until he left Mecca."11

Notice how the son of Abu Sufiyan daringly scorns, mocks and derides Allah's laws and acts in whatever way he pleases regardless of the fact that everyone knows that the prayers of a person on a journey must be shortened.


11. Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Al-Musnad, vol. 5, p. 58, hadith 16415.


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