Tuesday 19th of March 2019

Expansion Plan Collecting Ancient Heritage Of Kerbala And Najaf

Expansion Plan Collecting Ancient Heritage Of Kerbala And Najaf

The Secretariat General of the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine established an expansion plan to collect the ancient heritage of Kerbala and Najaf through collaborating with prominent libraries and scholarly personal in Iran.

For this reason, a delegate from the Intellectual and Ideological Division headed to Iran to coordinate and negotiate with leading scholarly researchers such as Sayyed Mohammed Ridha El-Gilali, Sayyed Ali El-Milani, and Sayyed Mahmoud El-Mar'shi El-Najafi.

The motive behind this visitation is to enrich the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine Library with prosperous ideological, ethical, and educational books as highly proposed by Sayyed El-Gilali. Next, Sayyed El-Milani promised the delegates to provide them with a significant book list regarding ancient scholars of Kerbala and books written by his ancestors. Moreover, Sayyed El-Najafi permitted the delegates to print all the existing books in his library and donating them to the Imam Hussein Holy Shrine Library.

The delegates also obtained all the publications of Imam El-Mehdi Institution belonging to Sayyed El-Ebtahi and the publications of Sayyed Ali El-Shahristani.


source : www.abna.ir
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