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Opinions put forth by Shi‘ah scholars about the Fast of Ashura

Opinions put forth by Shi‘ah scholars about the Fast of Ashura

1. The renowned researcher Muhaqqiq Qummi says, "What can be deduced from the wording of hadiths is that apparently the fast of the day of ‘Ashura was enacted before the fast of Ramadan and was later abandoned."1

2. Sayyid ‘Amili writes, "There are a lot of differing opinions about fasting on the day of ‘Ashura. Was it wajib or was it not? That which has been recorded in our hadiths is that fasting on the day of ‘Ashura was wajib before the enactment of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan. Among the people who narrated these hadiths are Zurarah and Muhammad ibn Muslim."2

3. Allamah Majlisi relates from the book, "Al-Muntaqi" that in the first year of migration to Medina, Allah's Prophet (S) fasted on ‘Ashura and the other people followed suit."3

Upon study of the sayings of the Shi‘ah scholars, we infer that they have not put forward a definite opinion about fasting on the day of ‘Ashura. They have contented themselves with narrating the differences which exist among the scholars and in hadiths. Only the renowned researcher Muhaqqiq Qummi has cited hadiths that apparently indicate the necessity of fasting on this day.


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      رحم خدا در برزخ و قيامت‏
      روزگار امام دوازدهم
      امام زمان (عج) فريادرس انسان‏‌ها
      سیمای حضرت علی اکبر (ع)
      ياد پدر و مادر در نمازهاى يوميه‏
      تربيت در آخر الزمان
      حق خداوند متعال بر بنده
      آیه وفا
      توسّل اميرمؤمنان(ع) به سيّدالشهداء(ع)
      مقام شكر از منظر امام حسین(ع)

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      مبعث پیامبر اکرم (ص)
      ازدواج غير دائم‏
      میلاد امام حسین (علیه السلام)
      آیه وفا
      اسم اعظمی که خضر نبی به علی(ع) آموخت
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