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Sixth Argument: Distorting (Addition and Omission) of Verses on Leadership of Muslim Ummah

Sixth Argument: Distorting (Addition and Omission) of Verses on Leadership of Muslim Ummah

Some Sunni exegetists have attacked the deductive fundamentals of Shia Muslims to make the reasoning on Verse of Proclamation worthless. They have questioned Shia belief in hiding revelation by the Messenger of Allah. They say: "Shia believes that the Prophet used to hide a number of verses revealed to him, but when the Verse of Proclamation was revealed, the Prophet (PBUH) was told to openly proclaim his mission."‌ Abu Bakr Jassas, the author of The Ahkam al-Qur'an, has written in his book: "On the Verse of Proclamation it should be said that according to reports that say whatever has been send upon the Prophet by Allah has not been announced fully and some have been hidden, I should say it is a wrong viewpoint by Shia to say the Prophet used to hide some verses from the Muslims out of his fear of dissimulation."‌[1]


The baseless accusation and incorrect reasoning of the some Sunni scholars and exegetists is related to the baseless claim of the distortion of the Qur'an. There is no solid evidence, or written document to attribute this wrong idea to Shia authors and scholars. These accusations have been made in the past and it is true more in the case of some Sunnis narrators who tried their best to protect the distorted books of Ka`b Al-Ahbar instead of the verses of the Holy Qur'an. Imamiyah scholars have always unanimously and openly in their works absolutely categorically and strongly reject any distortion of the Book of God.
Sheikh Sadouq writes: "We are of the opinion that the existing Qur'an is the same Qur'an revealed to the Prophet. There is no fault or imperfection in this Book and he who claims additions or omissions in this Book is a liar."‌[2]


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