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Forum in Najaf to Discuss “Role of Hussaini Woman in Mahdawi Uprising”

Forum in Najaf to Discuss “Role of Hussaini Woman in Mahdawi Uprising”

The second edition of a national forum titled "Role of Hussaini Woman in Mahdawi Uprising" will be held by the Women Studies and Research Center affiliated to the Religious Affairs Section of Alawi Holy Shrine in Iraq.

According to the information website of Imam Ali's (AS) holy shrine, Miaseh Mahdi Shaba, who is in charge of the center, said the forum will be held on November 27.

Sayyed Al-Awsiya Hall of the holy shrine in the city of Najaf will host the program.
Highlighting women's important role in the victory of Hussaini (AS) uprising and appreciating the efforts of women in paving the way for Mahdawi revolution are the objectives of the forum.
He added that the motto of the forum will be "role of faithful woman from the uprising of the truth until the establishment of the truth".
The role of epistemological and emotional factors in Hussaini-Mahdawi movement, role of Divine trials in preparation for the establishment of the global government of the truth, the moral influences of Hussaini movement and preparations for Mahdawi movement are among the themes of the forum.
Other themes include the role of media in preparation for the rule of Divine Justice, the role of media in raising Hussaini-Mahdawi generations, human's responsibility of knowing about the Imam of the time in the two periods of history - i.e. the time of Imam Hussain's (AS) movement and the time of Mahdawi revolution.
Those willing to participate in the forum may send their papers, on these as well as other related themes such as Wahabism and challenges facing the preparation for the advent of Imam Mahdi (AS), and Dua (supplication) and its role as well as the role of mass media in the preparation for the advent of the Imam.
The papers should not be less than 10 or more than 15 pages and should be submitted to the center not later than October 20.


source : www.iqna.ir
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