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No Burkinis! Morocco hotels ban ‘halal’ suit

No Burkinis! Morocco hotels ban ‘halal’ suit

Several Moroccan resorts in the tourist city of Marrakesh have issued new regulations, banning the use of modest burkini in their private pools over what they called "hygiene reasons".

Only "ordinary swim-suits" are permissible, Mazagan beach resort, located in al-Jadida which is south of the economic capital Casablanca, told Al Arabiya News.

The officials of the resort added that burkinis are not allowed to be worn in the resort's swimming pools.

The burkini is derived from the words burqa (a head-to-ankle dress) and bikini, resembles a wetsuit with built-in hood.

The two-piece swimsuit incorporates a head covering, a loose-fitting chemise and leggings, was originally designed for Muslim women to help them practice swimming.

The outfit was originally imported from Turkey and Morocco.

Described by some as halal swim-suits, the ban on burkini was widely reported in Moroccan media and websites amid expectations to raise controversy in the North African Kingdom.

Local news websites have published posters used by the management of private swimming pools to inform users that the burkini is not allowed.

One posted in Morocco World News came in three languages and says "Burkini not allowed" and "Bathing suits mandatory."

This is reportedly even the case if the burkini is made of special swimming material.

The issue has already raised political controversy after Abdelaziz Aftati, an MP of the ruling Moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party, sent a complaint to Tourism Minister Lahcen Haddad, after a woman wearing a burkini was reportedly banned from a swimming pool in al-Jadida, according to Morocco World News.

According to the Moroccan website, Aftati told the press that it is unacceptable to restrict people's freedom and their beliefs, saying the move signified the "rudeness of the new colonization."

In 2009, authorities in the Norwegian city of Oslo allowed Muslim women to use municipal swimming pools with their burkinis.

The Muslim swimming dress is also allowed in Australia, Britain and the United States.

source : www.abna.ir
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