Sunday 18th of August 2019

The nights of Qadr determine man’s material and spiritual levels

Shaykh Ali-Rida Panahiyan described some of the qualities of the nights of Qadr during an all-night program held in the shrine of Lady Ma'sumah (a) in holy Qom. He stated that the events which will befall a man during the year are determined by Allah on this night.

The shaykh started the speech off by asking a question: If everything is determined tonight then what would happen to our freewill during the year? He answered by stating that the highest and lowest levels which one can achieve are determined by Allah; for instance, the highest level one would be able to achieve would be 16 and the lowest level 12. Therefore, a person's freewill would be between these two levels.

In another part of his speech he discussed the fact that the night of the 19th of Ramadan is the same ight of the Commander of the Faithful (a) being struck. He stated: "Allah will forgive whoever cries for Ali (a)."

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