Friday 23rd of August 2019



The book called ‘the Fadakīyah Sermon’ has been translated under the title ‘She was One Word’ into two sections, [the first section in] Fārsī (Persian) and [the second section in] Āzarbāijānī Turkish by Mahdī Na‘lbandī. In the first section, the translator has, by making use of Qur’ānic verses and Hadīths, explained the various aspects of Fātimah’s personality and examined the stages of her life, her status from the viewpoint of the Noble Prophet (s), martyrdom and events [that came to pass] after the martyrdom of the Lady of the Two Worlds.

In the second section of the book, the Fadakīyah Sermon of Fātimah Zahra (upon whom be peace) has for the first time been translated into Āzarbāijānī Turkish.

A part of the introduction of this book, which has been translated by Qāsim Nāzimi, the Managing Director of the Cultural and Arts Organization of Tabrīz Municipality, reads, ‘It seems that on account of historical exigencies, the manifest religion of Islām has, more than any other religion, the element of mystery in its essence, with this difference that these issues do not serve additional elements. Rather, they are part of decrees responsible for protecting and making profound religious concepts. In my opinion, one of these instances is the complicated and mysterious personality of the Chosen Lady of God, Fātimah Sidīqah (upon whom be peace).

The Cultural and Arts Organization of Tabrīz Municipality intends to acquaint today’s society with the personality of the unique lady of being by organizing cultural and arts programs, and publishing books in various languages.

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