Sunday 18th of August 2019


The book of Al-Ghadir has been published several times in recent decades; however, a comprehensive explanation about the book was published for the first time in a form of 4 attachments titled “Takmelah Al-Ghadir”.

The 4-volume collection, titled “Mosoeh Al-Ghadir: Samarat Al-Asfar Ela Al-Aghtar”, contains works of deceased Alameh who aimed to use them as continuation of his work “Al-G+

hadir”. The attachments are collected, arranged and published in Al-Ghadir Center.  Takmelah Al-Ghadir is written in the same way as Al-Ghadir itself with the same structure and terminologies.

Part of the book covers contexts found after demise of deceased Alameh. There is a chapter about common virtues of the Holy Prophet (S.A) and Imam Ali (A.S).  Another chapter contains famous Ahadith about Imam Ali (A.S).  Other chapters include Imam Ali (A.S) traits, Hazrat Zahra characteristics, recommendations and sayings of the Holy Prophet (S.A), famous Ahadith upon affection toward Ahl Al-Bayt and other issues.

The 4th attachment presents a comprehensive list and its main part is titled “Kashaf Bel-Kotob Al-Mostakhdemah”.

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