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A summary of ‘Noble Moral Traits in Al-Sahīfat al-Sajjādīyyah’ of the late Ustād Falsafī with a review and arrangement by Dr. Hussein Sūzanchī has been published by the research center of Bāqir al-‘Ulūm, Islamic Propagation Organization.



The late Muhammad Taqī Falsafī was an eloquent preacher who, in the whole of his close to a century life, provided invaluable services to the Islamic society of Iran. His passionate and fervent speeches played an important role in guiding the society towards Islamic teachings. In the current of the revolution, he was also one of the people trusted by Imām Khomeinī to explain some important political issues to the society.

In the lifetime of the late Falsafī, more than two hundred of his speeches on various subjects had been compiled in sixteen volumes.

This book is in reality a summary of three volumes of the late Falsafī’s works, which consist of eighty nine speeches. In this collection of speeches, he has embarked upon explaining the supplication On Noble Moral Traits of Imām Sajjād (upon whom peace).

Seeking divine grace in acting upon advices of well-wishers, benevolence even to ill-wishers, refutation of ill-wishers, eloquence, strength [against wrongdoers], repaying evil with good, remembrance of the greatness of God, immunity from deviation and poverty and enumerating Divine bounties are some of the themes mentioned in these books.

Sins of the tongue, dignity in the society, easing needs, asking for ease in asceticism, seeking divine forgiveness at the end of life, the best of blessings upon the Noble Prophet (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him and his pure descendants), honor and not pride, richness and abundance of sustenance, the best of deeds and completion of actions are also some of the themes which have been studied by making use of the supplication on Noble Moral Traits of Imām Sajjād (‘a).

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