Sunday 18th of August 2019

Quran Contestants Started Young


--Memorising the Holy Quran may seem to be a daunting task but the rewards, apart from spiritual benefits and knowledge, are many, say participants of the Dubai International Holy Quran Award. As they share how they went about achieving their goal, Sheikh Tigan Abdungo and Naim Maher, representing Senegal and Lebanon respectively, swear by patience, hard work and... mother!

Twenty-one-year-old Abdungo said he could not have done it without his mother’s help. “My mother, who is memorising the Quran in full, is the driving force behind my success. She has always supported and encouraged me,” said Sheikh.


“Although Arabic is not my mother tongue, and my family not affluent, my mother always advised me to be patient and firmly insisted on memorising the holy book.” Sheikh said he started memorising the holy book at the early age of two and achieved his goal in eight years. “My teacher Sheikh Abdul Aziz Tundi has also supported and rewarded me all the time,” he said.


Putting up a good performance in terms of memorisation and recitation, Sheikh stood first in more than five local competitions and came fifth in the Iran international competition.


And, his family is all for his success. For, Sheikh said, he has three brothers and sisters who had fully memorised the Quran.


For nineteen-year-old Maher too, it runs in the family. He is one of the three brothers who are memorising the Holy Quran. Maher is very keen on winning the competition, his first international contest since he was nominated by the Fatwa department in Lebanon.


Maher, a second year student of a medical college, took three years to memorise the holy Quran in full, by going to various mosques, starting at the age of 10.


“My mother used to check on progress and encourage me to memorise the Quran in full to win in life and the Hereafter,” Naim said.


Showing good power of memorisation, Naim has won advanced ranks in many such competitions in Lebanon and Syria. “I wish to enhance my memorisation and win the first prize, and best represent my country,” he said.


Naim then said that the holy Quran has deeply affected his life. “The holy Quran has helped me in my scientific study. It also adds to my ambition and the love of knowledge,” he said.

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