Sunday 18th of August 2019

Hijab Software Released In Iran

--A software collection on Hijab or Islamic veil came out in Iran."Lebas-e-Farda" (garment of tomorrow), is a cultural and educational product jointly developed by Hadith Mehr Institute, Tabriz University and Cultural Department of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in four CDs.

Each CD contains a software program on Hijab that are titled "Electronic Library", "Photo Gallery", Audio Clips" and "Digital Nudity".


The Electronic Library offers a wide range of programs including "Hijab Encyclopedia", a specialist library on clothing and a illustrated encyclopedia on Iranian clothing from early Islam and some other programs.


In the Photo Gallery you can find documentaries on Hijab in different countries, a video clip in which non-Muslims are surveyed about Islamic veil, a collection of Islamic fashion designs, footages depicting successful Hijab-clad women in the Islamic world and photos of clothing worn by various nations and ethnic groups.


The Audio Clips presents lectures and debates on Hijab, audio files of scientific meetings about Hijab, Quranic role models of virtue and dignity, interviews with experts regarding Hijab, and Islamic songs and music.


And the Digital Nudity casts light on certain subjects like invading individuals' privacy and digital nudity and breaching public decency.

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