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The Mahdi (a.s.) is near

Throughout the history of mankind, there have been moments that we may define as moments of “hope and expectation”. Currently, we are living one of those moments. International tension increases, but so does the hope and expectation in the appearance of an Avatar or a Messiah *. 

The sanskrit word “Avatar” literally means “descended from afar”. Ava expresses the idea, “far, distant”. The root AV transmits the idea of “protection from on high”. All Avatars or Messiahs express the love of God for humanity and the need of men for that love. They are divine intermediates who have managed to detach themselves from all material limitations and egoistic feelings in order to place themselves at the service of humanity.
His coming is awaited by millions of people in the world.
They, along the human history, have repeatedly come and changed the existing old order , bequeathing us a new bright future, replacing what was old and no longer served to human evolution.

They come when evil predominates over good and when desperate humanity, suffering under the yoke of injustice, oppression and lies, invokes their appearance. When men and women together take action and pray inside their harts to God, His love pours forth amongst them and the miracle of His appearance takes place.

No one can deny that we live today in a crucial age of social, political and economical changes. We can even talk about the end of a civilization or culture; we can talk about chaos; about the human incapacity to resolve the enormous conflicts that these changes are generating in the present world. The appearance of the Saviour of mankind requires that those who believe in his manifestation pray God to hasten his appearance, work hard to make all necessary changes in their lives and in their communities and, at the same time, propagate their belief throughout all corners of the world, so, everybody will hear about his appearance and will await Him.
When millions of sincere people raise their eyes to God, humbly accepting that they have reached the limit of their human possibilities in resolving and managing the enormous and serious conflicts around the world and ask for help, God through the inscrutable mystery of His will and because the faith of his believers, “for God is love“ (1) shall send amongst us the awaited Mahdi (a.s.).

* Along this article the Messiah or Avatar will be named as Mahdi (a.s.).
Every religion shall call him a different name, but He is the unique spiritual entity imprested with the power and glory of God. His mission is to bring the Kingdom of God to humanity and to develop and guide the spiritual evolution of all human beings in the world without distinction, giving each, man and woman, what their spirit needs to make their path towards his Creator.

“In every age I come back to deliver the Holy, to destroy the sin of the sinner, to establish righteousness”(2)
The world in which the Mahdi (a.s). will appear is a new world.
His appearance will not be for a region but for the whole world. Nowadays, thanks to the new media technologies, it is possible to disseminate any world event to all the corners of the planet. This was unheard of one or two thousand years ago. The advance technologies that we have nowadays will make His appearance different in time and in magnitude to that of his predecessors. New systems of transportation make it possible for millions of persons to be able to go anywhere: All eyes will see Him.
Great regenerating forces are at work, making their presence felt in many groups that try to help and elevate humanity, rebuilding this world, restoring stability and the sense of security, and, in this way, consciously or unconsciously paving the way for the appearance of the awaited Mahdi (a.s.). 

Every day, an increasing number of persons are ceasing to take interest in material things; they no longer give possessions a fundamental importance in their lives. They have acquired an exact sense of values and, above all, they are happy people, because they have learned to control their desires. They had chosen in their life to be honest with their neighbours, they always give words their just value, they live a simply life, they have noble thoughts; and they are in control of their aspirations.
They are the masters of their existence at all times. They live on their efforts and uphold high ideals that they incarnate with patience in theirs communities in which they live and have good relationships.

From Ali´s ( a.s.) point of view, the principle of justice is of crucial significance in preserving the balance of society and winning goodwill of the public. Its practice can ensure the health of society and bring peace to its soul . Oppresion, injustice and discrimination cannot bring peace and happiness.Justice is like a public highway which has a room for all and through which everyone may pass without impediment. AIi (a.s.) regards justice to be a duty and a Divine trust: rather, to him is a “Divine sanctity”.
On a certain occasion, when he assumed the Caliphate, several politicians were disappointed by his manner of ruling and their disappointments soon turned into conspirations. Some friends warned him of what was happening, and advised him to wisely set aside affairs relating to equality and justice for the moment in order to pacify the situation. Imam Ali (a.), answered categorically: (3)

“ Do you ask me to seek support through injustice (to my subjects and to sacrifice justice for the sake of political advantage)? By God! I will not do it as long as the world lasts and one star follows another in the sky (i.e. I will not do it as long as the order of the universe exist). Even if it were my own property I would distribute it with justice, and why not when is the property of God and when I am His trustee?
Restoring lost dignity to mankind, elevating them from the state of constant preoccupation for material things and teaching them to confide in Divine Providence will be one of the basic principles of the great task that the Mahdi (a.s.) will carry out.
Jesus of Nazareth gave us beautiful examples of God´s providence when : (4) “He said to (his) disciples, “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life and what you will eat, or about your body and what you will wear. For life is more that food and the body more than clothing. Notice the ravens: they do not sow or reap; they have neither storehouse nor barn, yet God feeds them. How much more important are you than that birds! Can any of you by worrying add a moment to your lifespan? If even the smallest things are beyond your control, why are you so anxious about the rest?

Like the hero, the saint is also an exceptional being. The saint does not know inner struggle when he is submitted to extreme situation. He does not compromise himself if it demands to go against his own convictions and faith; he would rather prefer to die. God´s love fills his heart and nothing can be comparable to him.

On another level of sainthood would be the saint who devotes his life to the poor and the suffering. These saints, men and women of charity, devote themselves to human beings in the hope of attaining the love of God through their service. The needy for them are the instrument that will permit them to bring God’s kingdom and justice to the world. These are the contemporary saints, those who place their lives at the service of those who suffer social injustices, and step by step they go about establishing social justice and peace. They are heroes, because they live in the world and for the world; they do not move away from it, they look life in the eye, acknowledging and suffering in themselves the evil that each day brings, and, without aspiring to receive any glory other than the love of God, they struggle without rest every day to transmute darkness into light. 

The idea of the immortality of the soul has been seen emerging in humanity since the remotest of ages. Instinctively, man has believed and intuited that physical death does not constitute the end of his existence, of his struggle, of his love and human aspiration. Something called upon him to go beyond his physical environment. Those men still did not have the capacity to think, they had still not developed their intellect like contemporary man, but they followed their instinct, which led them upward. They looked at the sky, contemplated the stars, and had the intuition that something more existed than the stars that they observed. Something above everything else that they could see and which was protecting them.

Henri de Lubac asks himself what the high ambitions of this humanism have been reduced to. He asks himself what has become of man as conceived by this atheist humanism.
And he responds:(5)
“A being that can still hardly be called a being.
A thing that has no content, a cell completely merged in a mass that is in process of “ becoming”.
Social-and-historical man’, of which all that remains is pure abstraction, apart from the social relations and the position in time by which he is defined.
There is no stability or depth left in him”.
enri de Lubac expresses his fears:
“There is nothing to prevent his being used as material or as a tool either for the preparation of some future society or for ensuring, here and now, the dominance of one privileged group.
There is not even anything to prevent his being cast aside as useless.
Moreover, he can be conceive under different types of man. This types could vary even to the point of contradiction, according a biological or economic system of explanation or according his purpose as part of mankind history. But beneath these diversities there is always the same fundamental creature, or rather the same absence of any creature. For this man has literally been dissolved. In reality, there is no longer any man because there is no longer anything that is great in that man”.
As Nicolás Berdiaev would say: “where there is no God, neither would man exist.” (6)

Gustave Thibon is very concise when he says: (7) “God is not only a norm imposed upon man which steers and drives him; He is the Absolute on which man is based, the Loved One that draws him, the Beyond that spurs him, the Eternal that prepares the only clime he can breathe, and He is, in any case, that third dimension in which Man finds his depth. If man becomes his own God, he may entertain the illusion of being uplifted and liberated for some time: ephemeral exaltation! It is God that he degrades, and not much time will pass before he in turn feels degraded.” 

The year 2006 will mark the anniversary of the Declaration of 1981 regarding the elimination of all forms of intolerance and discrimination against religion or conviction.
United Nations Special Rapporteur, Mrs Jahangir states with concern that for many people in the world today, freedom of religion or conviction is not a reality. In certain countries, religious intolerance has reached alarming levels.

The Special Rapporteur hopes that this anniversary can be an occasion to call for the promotion of freedom of religion and conviction, with the proposal to call attention to a matter of such transcendence for human beings. She asks the States and other international agents to attentively examine this question within the context of the efforts relating to the reform of the United Nations. (8)

According to the Human Rights Watch 2005 report, there has been an improvement in religious freedom for 2004. Nonetheless, the report reveals religious intolerance in many countries. I mention only three of them: (9)
Serbia: The government failed to respond to the explosion of ethnic and religious violence in March 2004.
China: Although religious practice is tolerated, official Communist Party doctrine holds that religion, as a belief structure and an organizational arrangement, will eventually wither and die. Until such a time, the Chinese government believes religion must be strictly controlled to prevent it from becoming a political force or an institution capable of competing with the state for the loyalty of China´s citizens.

Pakistan: Violence against religious communities increased significantly in 2004. At least 4,000 people, largely from the minority Shi´a Muslim have died as a result of violence since 1980. There has been a sharp increase in the number of targeted killings of Shi´a, particularly Shi´a doctors, in recent years.Those implicated in acts of sectarian violence are rarely prosecuted and virtually no action has been taken to protect the affected communities.

The great difficulty we find nowadays in accepting the appearance of an Avatar or a Messiah amongst us is that, for centuries, nothing has happened. Those who sustain this idea in the West nowadays are looked upon with a certain tolerant condescension and are sometimes seen as a joke. Nonetheless, if we analyse the world situation carefully, we can believe that the moment we are living is exceptional and that we stand before an extraordinary opportunity.
Children´s rights are often violated in many parts of the world. Although they are promised to receive a special protection under international law, they are routinely detained in abusive conditions. They face violence at the hands of other youths or prison guards. A vast majority of human rights crimes go unpunished, reflecting corruption and lack of access to justice, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable sectors of society.

The global commitment to overcoming inequality is fading. Eighty per cent of the world´s gross domestic product belongs to 1 billion people living in the develop world; the remaining 20 per cent is shared by the 5 billion people living in the developing countries. If we fail to adress this inequality predicament will ensure that social justice and better living conditions for all people remain elusive, and that the communities, countries and regions remain vulnerable to social, political and economic upheaval.

In many countries, the failure to address the need of poor people as part of a strategy for sustained growth has been a mayor obstacle to reducing poverty.
There are persistent gender gaps in acces to education, employment, and equal remuneration. Women´s poorer access to a better employment is often at the root of their lower status in many societies. No doubt that the status of women has its own definition in every specific cuture and society. Both new and old generations of women must be present in the cultural, economic and social arenas of the societies of all countries today. Is specially important to provide social protection for the old members of society and the governments should therefore make great efforts to design policies to support our elders instead of looking for ways to cut cost from their social budgets.

The persistence, and even deepening, of various forms of inequality worldwide should not be accepted with equanimity. With the unprecedented wealth and resources, technical expertise, and scientific and medical knowledge available in the world today, the most vulnerable society cannot continue to be left so far behind. Macroeconomic, ,financial globalization and changes in labour market institutions cannot be disconnected from the struggle to achieve social development, equalityy and social justice. The failure to pursue a comprehensive, integrated approach to development will perpetuate the inequality predicament, for which everyone pays the price. (10)

Once Alí a.s. came out of Zayd bn Wahab house and there were patches sewn to his dress.Bn-Noaja, who was and enemy, taunted Alí (a.s.) on the very poor and coarse kind of dress put on by him. He replied: (11)

“Let go, what have you to find objections in my dress, it is the kind which our masses can afford, why can you not think of their lives and dresses, I shall improve my standard after I have succeeded in improving theirs. I shall continue to live like them. Such kind of dress makes one feed humble and meek and give up vanity, haughtiness and arrogance”.

In the midst of this chaotic and unhappy world,, men, have a unique chance to divest themselves from egoistic feelings that divide and confront different societies. Men have the chance to reject materialism and its effect of consumerism that blocks the way to light and wisdom. The apostle Matthew tell us what Jesus of Nazareth said about storing material things:(12)

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and decay destroy, and thieves break in and steal. But store up treasures in heaven, where neither moth or decay destroys, nor thieves break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be.”


They are apparently normal men and women, albeit with vision, values and principles, and an extraordinary capacity for action. They are people who have understood that at this point in time there are two mutually exclusive life options: one is to remain passive awaiting what will happen, or to devote one’s knowledge and energy to human transformation, assuming that what is new and superior will develop and consolidate in the years and decades to come, as far as more and more people, individuals and groups are conscious, troughout the world, of the appearance of the Mahdi (a.s) and openly express their intention of working for His manifestation.

The work has to be done as a group and not individually or alone, but any individual expression will be taken into consideration and will be essential and complementary to the whole. They will evolve individually but their work will be done in open and participative mixed interdisciplinary groups. They are patient and persevering in fulfilling their aims and their action will focus on obtaining constructive results.
They will be capable of confronting challenges that others elude, they will remain there where others disappear; and they will disappear where others struggle to be and show themselves off.

They will make decisions that others avoid because their decisions are not based on what is seen only but in what is expected to be. Faith is to believe what you do not see but your are certain that exist and. They will be precursors of new social objectives and new ways of transcending adverse realities and they will be capable of acting with total effectiveness in moments of continuous and traumatic changes. 

They will be capable of confronting great challenges and they will run risks in direct opposition to those who will desire to maintain the obsolete” status quo” and are oppose to social evolution and transformation; those who promote chaos for the purpose of paralyzing man´s path to wisdom. They will do all this without hesitation or without falling into violence; rather, thanks to the spiritual strength that comes to them from the original source, the strength that generates the appearance of the Mahdi (a.s.).

The Mahdi (a.s.), in his appearance, will use any channel to expand the consciousness of men and achieve their correct spiritual orientation. He will enlighten the minds of men, bringing them closer to true knowledge, teaching them the way to transform knowledge into wisdom and understanding. He will teach us to distinguish between false mirages or illusions and true reality; that reality that fills our souls with peace.

The education of the masses, awakening their individual consciousness and strengthening their capacity for solidarity and tolerance. The Mahdi (a.s.) will make brotherhood possible between men through the establishment of new values in life the proper use of words and good aspirations and thinking in order to achieve closeness to God and the advent of God´s Kingdom.

He will assure an intelligent fulfilment of the social and economic policies of States, eliminating social injustice and social differences that divides societies into rich and poor; privileged and underprivileged people. There will only be a single social model and it shall be ruled by truth, not by lies. Freedom, justice and solidarity among the peoples of the earth will shine forth.
He personifies justice and freedom for all men. His appearance will unite and bind all men of good faith in the world without distinction of race or origin. His appearance will inspire the desire to serve humanity. By the strength of His divine presence, He will raise in the hearts of men the desire for a more sincere and profound rapprochement to the other, whether near or far. A new spiritual aperture that will make a vision of reality closer to the world of causes passing from rational darkness to spiritual enlightenment.

He will elevate the dignity of human beings through justice, destroying favouritism and corruption in applying justice, and he will fight against the oppressive political classes and the judges who violated the law. He will provide a fair justice to all as a fundamental right of all human beings. Socrates once said that it was better to suffer injustice than to inflict it on another human being.

The restoration of human dignity shall be one of the fundamental focal points in the actions of the awaited Mahdi (a.s.). Man cannot live without dignity. It is as the air he breaths, it is the source of all the other virtues. If he is despoiled of dignity, he is emptied of human content, and from this emptiness he may be manipulated and used by those governors, politicians or businessmen whose sole purpose in life is to use persons for their own profit and accumulation of power.

The best model of dignity and virtue as a ruler and stateman can be found in the following passages about Imam Ali (a.s)
Ali (a.s) hated bloodshed, did not believe in imperialism, and had no faith in propagation of religion with sword in one hand and the Quraan in the other. He believed Islam to be a message of Peace and Love and wanted mankind to be ruled on the basis of equity and justice”.
“Once one of his favourite and trusty companion, Othmann bn Kaneefa, told him:
Look my Lord, these are the reasons why influential and rich Arabs are deserting you and are gathering around Moaawiya. Of what use these persons, disable, aged widows and Negro slaves are to you. How can they help and serve you?”.
He replied: (13)

“I cannot allow rich and influential persons to exploit the society of this Moslims state and to run an enequitable and unjust system of distribution of wealth and opportunities. I cannot for a moment tolerate this. This is a public wealth, it comes from the masses it mut go back to them. The rich and the powerful persons have not created any wealth, they have merely sucked it from the masses and after paying the taxes, etclk what is left to they is many times more that what they pay to the state and they are welcome to retain it. Had all this been private property. I would have gladly distributed it in the same manner. So far as their desertion is concern I am glad they have deserted me. So far as the usefulness or services of these disabled persons and have-nots is concerned, remember that I am not helping them to secure their services, I fully well know they are unable to serve me. I help them because they cannot help themselves and they are ass much human-beings as you and I. May God help me to do my duty as He wishes me to do (Kitaab al-Gharaa)”

He will teach us not to hate our enemy but to fight the evil that is in oneself. His appearance will favour the expansion of human consciousness in such a way that we will be able to understand everything that has been hidden to us in the past . It will reinforce our capacity for perception and intuition so that we can awake from all the mirages and false illusions of the material world to which we are subject. Our eyes will open to a more perfect and clearer reality. 

The dense, negative thinking that confuses us, fruit of our emotional distortion, our not knowing exactly what we want and, above all, not knowing why we want it, will disappear. We will stop feeling like leaves moved by the wind to become firm and straight trees that raise their branches to the sky without fear and with an infinite confidence in themselves. The things we desire shall be those that are good for us because we shall know them because events will take place inside of us before they manifest in the material world around us. The things that happen today or tomorrow will not surprise us because we shall be attentive to what happens inside ourselves, we will not be confuse and desperate about our present or future events.

The Avatar or Messiah, the Mahdi (a.s.) will bring light and, above all, will bring love and life, because love is the foundation of life. It is necessary for us to become familiar with these facts and make them known to all people we may get into contact in our life.
That the time for His appearance is now.
That He is already acting in the hearts and minds of many human beings and that He should be evoked if we acknowledge and believe that He will appear between us soon.
That His appearence has been announced and foretold in all the Sacred Texts and Holy Scriptures of the world.

That the true preparation for His appearance requires from us to deeply work for peace and to urgently create bridges for an inter-religious dialogue of peace and understanding with all religions of the world and the participation of representatives of governments of all States.
The actual United Nations could be the frame for this proposal, but unfortunately is not at its best moment.At the moment need a deep transformation.
All the necessary steps have to be taken without delay towards that direction if we want to hasten His appearance. 

The Mahdi (a.s) will unify East and West, North and South. In His appearance, he will bring, love, light and wisdom. All eyes will see Him, all ears will hear Him, and His voice shall be as the thunder that is heard before the rain, a thunder of love, light and wisdom. Rain that He will pour forth for all men on earth, without distinction of race or colour of skin. His love for humanity knows no limits.

Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei in the birthday anniversary oft Ali (a.s.) last tuesday, described the “Commander of the Faithful” as the shining star in the firmament of justice and humanity, calling him the prominent figure revered by the world´s freemen.
The honorable Leader reiterated: (14) “Today the most important duty of the Islamic Ummah is Jihad in the path of Allah and efforts to revive the Muslim´s self-steem and their moral, humanitarian and scientific sublimity.”
One of Imam Ali (a.s.) most enlighted sermon is number 42 (Nahjol-Balaagha/Sermons): (15)

He says:
“ O people what I fear most about you are two things – acting according to desires and extending hopes. As regards acting according to desires, this prevents from truth; and as regards extending of hopes, it makes one to forget the next world. You should know this world is moving rapidly (and cycle of worldly enjoyments would end soon) and nothing has remain out of it except last particles like the dregs of a vessel which has been emptied by someone. Beware, the next world is advancing, and either of them has sons “You also must be prepare, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.”i.e. followers. You should become sons of the next world because on the Day of Judgment every son would cling to his mother. Today is the Day of action and there is no reckoning while tomorrow is the Day of reckoning but there would be no (opportunity for) action.”

I believe we are living nowadays in the “Day of Action” and the “Day of Reckoning” will come to us soon with the appearance of the Mahdi (a.s.), the Saviour of Mankind. He shall appear in near future to guide the deviant world to the right path, rectify all faults, and purify the world from all evil.

One of the important reasons for His appearance is that the work of his followers in all countries is been done; is duly accomplished. This is unfortunately not the actual situation. His appearance depends to a high extent on the correct human relationship around the world. We all know that His hour is near because of the needs of the people in every country and because of the invocative cry of the masses everywhere.
We do not know the date or the hour of the appearance of the Mahdi (a.s.) but as truth believers in His appearance we have to accomplish without rest our duties soon to hasten his appearance.

The Apostle Luke advise as to be prepare for the appearance: (16)
“You also must be prepare, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.”
Ayyatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei stressed that the belief in the appearance of the Imam Mahdi (a.s.)and cherish hope of a bright future should be combined with vigorous efforts and pious dees in various spheres of activities.
He said: “A nation that believes in the advent of the Saviour of mankind, the promised Mahdi (may Almighty Allah hasten his appearance) , will never feel weak. This nation will endure hardships and pressures and follow the path to progress and dignity with perseverance and strength.”(17)

Let us whisper together: “O´, My Lord (Ya Mahdi) your occultation seized sleep of my eye and made narrow my bed. It also is taken away may ease of heart. O God, do not appoint us a false pretender of his awaiting and grand us merit to make all preparation for his appearance”. (18)

I wish to end with a beautiful words of the Holy Profet (a.s.) to Imam Ali (a.s.) on Sunday 27th of Safar: (19)
“Ali you will be first to meet me on the fountain of Kawther. After me when hardship and reverses face you then do not lose patience and when you find people running after worldly gains then you busy yourself in the way of truth and God.”

May Almighty Allah increase the followers of His true path”
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