Monday 19th of August 2019

Muslim Brotherhood Has Every Right To Be Part of Egypt’s Political Future

During an event organized by the Muslim Brotherhood the outgoing Arab League chief Dr. Amr Mousa stressed that the pressure for democracy in the Arab world will be unstoppable, regardless of the attempts by hard ruling regimes.

Praising the peoples’ revolution which toppled the corrupt Mubarak regime, Mousa cited that nothing would be able to deter the unanimous will of the Egyptian people to change.

Speaking to Ikhwanweb Mousa confirmed, he was not perturbed by the rise of the Brotherhood which he felt looks set to emerge with the largest bloc of seats in parliament although not a majority. He stated that  it was only natural the MB open its new centre following the January 25 Revolution adding that the MB with its history  had just as much right as any other political party to participate and be part of the political arena.

Regarding the argument by new parties that the elections will be held too early thus offering advantages to older groups he stressed if the MB are well organised and well financed and can find their way in an easier manner than others, then others have to get together and try to organise themselves arguing that the MB cannot be blamed for being organised.

source : http://abna.ir
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