Tuesday 15th of October 2019

promotes anti-Islam laws"

“I think Sarkozy probably thinks he is going to get back the vote of some of the National Front that he's been losing. And I think he doesn't care at all about the burqa,” Naima Bouteldja said.

“I mean this is concerning a very tiny minority of women in France. No one has been asking them what they think, not even progressive organizations, and he's just basically trying to get re-elected,” Bouteldja stated.

Following the 2010 debate regarding a possible burqa ban, Bouteldja, a co-director of documentary films, made several controversial films pointing out the absurdity of the ban.

The films aimed at provoking reaction from non-Muslims regarding the matter.

According to Bouteldja, the current burqa ban in France may call for more anti-Muslim bans by anti-progressive politicians.

“At the moment the hijab is banned at schools and now the full veil is banned everywhere. But that calls for the hijab to also be banned in public places, so people like me will not be able to go to places like the doctor's, or the post office,” the journalist said.

Although the French government does not financially assist Muslims with building mosques, French Interior Minister Claude Gueant has recently mentioned plans of banning Muslims from praying in the streets.

source : http://abna.ir
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