Wednesday 29th of January 2020

France keen on closer ties with Islamic groups

France's Foreign Minister Alain Juppé has announced that in the past France has been manipulated by Arab regimes which made Islamist movements seem like “the devil”.

In a 180 degree shift, France's foreign policy will now include discussions with religious political groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

Many analysts say France is pragmatically, or cynically, trying to curry favor with groups that could take power when the Arab Spring reaches a stable conclusion. But the move was greeted with indignation from many, as the new offer of dialogue lumps long-peaceful Muslim organizations in the same category as violent actors such as the Taliban.

Leaders across the Arab world have responded by saying that it was tyranny, not terrorism, which caused the Arab world to suffer in recent years. Many have expressed their contentment with France's decision to renounce their fear of Islam.

Many analysts believe that the success of new democratic systems in the Arab world will promote global stability and growth.

France's new openness could improve their relations across the Middle East. In countries like Egypt and Jordan, the Muslim Brotherhood is already playing a significant role in politics. Among the other groups which could benefit from France's new openness are Tunisia's newly legalized Ennahda, or Awakening, movement, Shiite Muslim groups in Syria and Bahrain, as well as the many Muslim organizations that are committed to women's rights.

Analysts say while their U-Turn may be cynical, the French foreign minister's hand was forced by an undeniably positive development: the will of the Arab people to overthrow oppressive regimes. That will has created an opportunity for France's leaders to truly dialogue with representatives chosen by the Arab public for the first time in history.

source : http://abna.ir/
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