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Hadrat Fatima Zahra (A.S.): The Lady of History

 Standing on the summits of intellect, she addresses humanity. Her method is asking comprehensive questions and providing analytic explanations about the realities, which are disguised under the veil of delusions. It is as though these questions continually ooze out of the depth of time and place and scorn man’s ignorance for covering up the truth which blind the eyes of human insight. 
Oh but truly, tell me what does history have to say about the perseverance of this outstanding LADY of human history? She opposed the enemies of Islam, and manifested the flag of Islam through obeying her Imam (AS) and supporting him. She taught the lesson of living by her sermon. Excerpts of her sermon are presented here, and we hope that we all will achieve salvation through her words and advises toady and hereafter. 
How then you became confused after clarification? And concealed it after its declaration? And withdrew after taking action? And became infidels after fidelity? Woe is those who violate “their oaths after their aggreement,” (Tauba:12) 
Then she said: O ye people! Know that I am Fatima (SA) and my father is Muhammad (SAW).I repeat what I said at the beginning and what I say is not wrong and what I do is none other than right. “Certainly an Apostle had come to you from among yourselves; grievous to him is your falling into dstresss, excessively solicitous respecting you; to the believers (he is) com-passionate,merciful” (Tauba:128) 
And you are a selected group of elite and a chosen group, selected for us, the Ahl-ul-Bait (AS) (household of the Prophet).You battled with the Arab heads and bore harshness and difficulty and fought the nations and confronted the brave men.We and you were always there.We commanded and you obeyed until the millstone of Islam began to move by us and milk of the day (food) became abundant and the bottleneck of paganism captured and the outpour of falsehood subsided and the flames of disbelief extinguished and call to unrest abated and the system of religion was organized. 
Hence He illuminated their darkness through my father Muhammad (SAW) and removed opaqueness from the hearts lifted the veils of obscurity from their eyes and he rose for the guidance of human beings and redeemed them from misdirection and helped them acquire insight from blindness of heart and guided them towards the secure religion and called them to the right path. 
Hence Allah(SWT) ordained faith to purify thou from infidelity and prayers to keep thee away from arrogance and made alms taxes a means for purification of thy souls and augmentation of thy sustenance fasting for consolidation of purity and Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) for the reinforcement of religion and justice to bind hearts together and our obedience a cause of integration of the Ummah our Imamate a safeguard against discord and jihad (holy war) a cause of dignity for Islam. 
Hence, if you trace his lineage and know him you will realize that he is my father not that of your women and is a brother of my cousin not that of your women. 
He propagated his mission by warning and turning away from the cult of the pagans. He would strike them on their necks, would catch them by their necks was a caller in the way of Allah (SWT) through wisom and good admonishment, destroying the idols, wiping out their splendor until their community was dispersed and they withdrew until the dawn appeared through the crack of night and pure truth was revealed. The custodian of religion spoke and the murmuring of satans was muffled and the lowly hypocrites were exterminated and the nexus between pertinacity and infidelity was severed and you recited the word of unity among a group of poor, pale human beings, “And ye were on the brink of a pit of fire” (Al-e Imran:103) 
And then Allah (SWT) – redeemed you through Muhammad (SAW) after all those ups and downs and after confrontation with beastly men and with wolfish Arabs and the rebellious people of the Book “Whenever they kindle a fire for war, Allah (SWT) puts it out” (Maida:64). And whenever the horn of Satan appeared, or mouth (plot of war) of the polytheists opened he used to throw his brother into its mouth. And he did not come back unless he trampled upon its wings and extinguished the flame of their fire with his sword. He suffered for the cause of Allah (SWT) and endeavored for His command. He was a confidante of the Messenger of Allah (SWT), was the chief of the lovers of Allah (SWT), was ever prepared and admonishing, was hardworking and laborious. No censure of the reprimander left any impact on him in his endeavors in the way of Allah (SWT) and this was so while ye were living a comfortable life. 
O, ye influential people and supporters of religion and protectors of Islam, what is this negligence of my right? And indolence with regard to my litigation? Wasn’t it my father, the Messenger of Allah (SWT), who used to say: man’s dignity is observed in his children? So soon you did it! So soon you snatched it while you can help me get what I am trying to get and you wield power on what I seek and what I am after. Do you say that Muhammad (SAW) hath passed away? 
All of the oppressed of the world who seek the justice-spreading call of the global government of Allah (SWT), must be aware that the supreme leader has already offered his plan for reaching this objective. 
Hence, it [camel of rulership] is presented to you tie it tightly, for its back is wounded its sole eroded and its stigma hath remained. It has been cauterized with the wrath of the Omnipotent and eternal distastefulness“It is the fire kindled by Allah (SWT) which rises above the hearts.” (Humaza:7) Thus what ye do is before the eyes of Allah (SWT) “And soon will the unjust assailants know what vicissitudes their affairs will take.” (Shu’araa:227) 
And I am the daughter of one who was no less than “...a warner to you, before a severe chastisement.” (Saba:46) 
“And say to those who do not believe: Act according to your state; surely we to are acting. And wait; surely we are waiting also.” 
( Hud:121, 122; 39: 39; 6: 158) 
This sermon by Hazrat Fatima (SA) was translated by Dr. Sadrodin Musavi, on the behalf of the Fatimat-uz-Zahra (SA) Cultural Foundation, Tehran, 2003.

source : http://abna.ir
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