Monday 19th of August 2019

Seminar Discusses Islamic Heritage of Egypt

A seminar on “Islamic Heritage of Egypt in Akhshidis and Fatimid Eras” will be held in May by the Egyptian Supreme Council for Culture in Cairo.

According to Al-Shabibah newspaper, the conference hall of the council will host the seminar in which the history of some of the mosques in Egypt and heritage of the country dating back to Fatimid and Akhshidis eras will be investigated.

The explanations of Naser Khosro Ghobadiayi, Iranian poet, philosopher and tourist of the fifth century, about the arts of Fatimid period in Egypt will be discussed as part of the program.

The participants will also investigate the Jafari school of thought known as the Islamic school of thought based on 12 Imams and its influence on the coins and artworks of Fatimid period.

The program will be held with the presence of Ahmad Abdul-Razak, Hussein Aliveh, Jabullah Ali Jabullah, Mohammad Abdul Sattar Othman, Mohammad Hamza Al-Haddad, Hannan Matave’, Abdunnaser Yasin, Sa’eed Maghaveri, Raf’at Musa and ‘Atef Mansur.

Kafur Akhshidi was a black slave who ruled Egypt in the fourth century AH. and Fatimid rule was established in north Africa and played an important role in the evolution of the world of Islam during the fourth to the sixth centuries.

source : http://abna.ir/
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