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Why do some people oppose mysticism and the mystics making reference to ahadith (traditions)?
Please define and explain vicious circle (daur) and infinite regression of causes (tasalsul)?
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Awaiting For The Reappearance Of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) (2014-04-23 05:57:06)
Awaiting For The Reappearance Of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said,"The best worship is to await for the reappearance."(Kamaaluddin vol.1 Pg.287, Faraidus Simtain vol.2 Pg.335) Amirul Momineen Ali (A.S.) said,"Await for the reappearance and do not despair of the divine mercy. Because the best deed in the eyes of Allah, the Great and the Mighty is to wait for the Reappearance. It is the duty of those who are believers."(Al Khisaal vol.2 Pg.616) Imam as-Sajjad (A.S.) said."The greatest success is to wait for the reappearance"(Al Ihtejaj vol.2 Pg.154. Kamaaluddin vol.1 Pg.320)
15th Shaban:The Happy and Auspicious Birthday Anniversary of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) (2014-04-22 22:48:33)
Hadrat Hujjat ibn Hasan al-Askari(A.S.) the Twelfth Holy Imam, Al-Mahdi was born on 15th Shaban in 255 A.H. in Samarrah(Iraq). On this Auspicious and Solemn Occasion we extend our Heartiest and Happy Greetings to all the peace-lovers and justice seekers in the world. 15th Shaban:The Happy and Auspicious Birthday Anniversary of Imam Mahdi (PBUH) Name: MuhammadTitle: Al-Mehdi, Saheb-ul-Asr and Al-HujjatKunyat: Abul QasimBorn at Samarrah, on Friday, the 15th Shaban 255 A.H.Father's name: Imam Hasan-al-Askari(A.S.)Mother's name: Nargis KhatoonHe is still living and will appear before the end of
Imam al-Mahdi’s Mode of Conduct with Enemies (2014-04-22 22:47:32)
By: Najmuddin TabasiAfter many centuries of waiting and agony, the days of tyranny and darkness will finally come to an end; the rays of the sun of felicity will become visible; and the great personage who, by the help of God, is supposed to wipe out the remnants of tyranny and oppression, will appear. He will affect extensive reforms and fundamental transformations in both the spiritual and material realms, and he will establish order in human society in a manner that will earn the pleasure of Allah.Meanwhile, if certain persons, parties and groups would like to hinder this magnificent uprisi
The Soldiers of Imam al-Mahdi (atfs) (2014-04-22 22:46:40)
By: Najmuddin TabasiThe forces of Hadrat al-Mahdi (‘atfs) will be composed of various nationalities and at the time of uprising they will be called through unique means. The individuals who have been designated before as commanders will assume the responsibility of guiding the soldiers and planning war operations.The soldiers to be accepted in the army of al-Mahdi (‘atfs) under special circumstances have peculiar characteristics of their own. Some will be present in the primary staff and some will join the army. A group has been called the security guard corps.In this chapter, we w
Duties of Shias towards Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.) (2014-04-21 02:56:49)
By Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Musavi Isfahani 1-To obtain knowledge about the special characteristics of Imam (A.S.)This is obligatory according to texts (Quran and Hadith), and reason.Rational Proof: Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.) is a guide and a leader whose obedience is compulsory and it is necessary to recognize correctly one whose obedience is compulsory. So that if someone lays a false claim to be that leader, he can be exposed at once and we shall not be misguided by his false propaganda. Thus the Marefat of Imam-e-Zamana (A.S.) is wajib and it is also wajib to learn about his special characteristics
The Opportunity to Meet the Savior of Humanity (2014-04-21 02:55:34)
Many people have been graced with the opportunity to meet Imam Mahdi (A.S.) in person. However, in this article we present only those anecdotes where this special favor of Imam (A.S.) has been conferred on the religious scholars and jurists. (1) Muqaddas Ardebeli (a.r.)Muqaddas Ardebeli was an illustrious Shia scholar. It is well- known about him that whenever he used to encounter a difficult problem which he was unable to solve, he used to go to the tomb of Imam Ali (A.S.) and present his problem. Imam Ali (A.S.), invariably provided the solution.One of the students of Allama Ardebeli who wa
Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.), The Last Holy Imam (2014-04-21 02:54:55)
Hazrat Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) is the twelfth and last of the chain of the Purified Imams and the divine successors (A.S.)he was born at the time of dawn on Friday the 15th of Shaban 255 A.H. in the city of Samarrah. (Kamaaluddin vol. 2, Pg. 428, 433 424, 430)His respected father is Imam Hasan al-Askari (A.S.), his beloved mother is Janab-e-Nargis Khatoon (r.a), she was in the side of her father from the descendant of Caesar of Rome and descendant of Shamoon the vicegerent of Hazrat Isah (a.s) in the side of her mother. "Kamaaluddin vol.2 Pg. 420, 424,"This exalted personality has the same name a
The Secret Birth of Hadrat Mahdi (A.S.) (2014-04-21 02:49:45)
Shaykh Mufid, a distinguished Shi'ite scholar, also wrote in al Irshad: "When Imam Hasan al-'Askari (A.S.), passed away, the caliph of that time, pursued his son because the Shi'ite Imamiyyah's belief was famous and was spread about that the Shi'ites were awaiting His Eminence."Mu'tadid, one of the tyrant 'Abbasid caliphs who ruled from 279 to 289 A.H., decided all at once to destroy the entire family of al 'Askari when he heard that more than twenty years had passed since the birth of the son of Imam Hasan al-'Askari (A.S.), and that he was still living in spite of the attempts of the precedi
Titles of Hazrat Imam-e-Asr (A.S.) (2014-04-21 02:48:58)
Prophethood and Imamat were instituted to guide people towards the right path, dissuade them from vanity, restore human qualities, suppress the evil temptation of ones self, living peacefully, curb and eliminate evils such as jealousy, enmity, pride etc. and also to encourage qualities such as self-sacrifice, understanding other and preferring others over ones own self. In short, perfecting all human qualities and to draw people towards the stage of self-actualization. Irrational desires are obstruction to guidanceFor overcoming avid desires one must seek guidance from a pure soul, who is fre
Imam Mahdi (A.S.) is the 'Proof of Allah' (Hujjatullah) (2014-04-21 02:46:52)
All our beliefs are based on intellect and Shariah (divine laws). It is the decision of the intellect and the Shariah that for maintaining order in the universe and for its smooth functioning, there must exist a 'perfect individual', a 'divine representative', and a 'proficient and dynamic mind', whose existence precedes the existence of this universe. He should be the ruler and the leader of this universe. His existence should be superior and distinct from the existence of all other mortals. He must have precedence and supremacy over all other creatures. If this individual does not exist then
Imam Mahdi (as): The Only Path to Global Security (2014-04-21 02:34:27)
Again, the world is paying for its deeds. Widespread global unrest, murders, killings, plunder, pillage, confusion, commotion, shortages and scarcities in the market, high prices of commodities, unreliability, straitening of sustenance, etc. are all results and consequences of human vices and misdeeds. Allah the Almighty has drawn the attention of man towards this stark reality in the Holy Quran long back."Mischief is manifest in the land and the sea for what the people have earned. "(Surah Rome (30), Verse 41)Habitually, we tend to blame others for our ills and absolve ourselves. The question
The Signs and Symbols of the Reappearance of Imam Mahdi (A.S. (2014-04-21 02:32:48)
Innumerable narrations contain the signs and symbols of the reappearance of Hazrat Wali-e-Asr Imam Mahdi (a.s.) Janab Sheikh Sadooq and Allamah Majlisi (May Allah Shower His blessing on them) the highly acclaimed Shia scholars have described these narrations among the signs and symbols of the re-appearance of Imam (a.s.) Here we will discuss them wholly from literary point of view. 1. Importance of signs and symbols of re-appearance of Imam (a.s.):Since long all the Muslims in general and the Shias in particular are looking forward for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a.s.). It is undoubtedly
Praying For Imam Mahdi (A.S.) (2014-04-21 02:32:02)
Supplication (dua) is a subject that holds a very significant place in Islam. A lot of emphasis has been placed on embracing it. In light of traditions, we find that supplication is referred to as a 'weapon' by which man can repel calamities and difficulties and can combat all kinds of problems and tribulations. This 'weapon' provides him with tremendous strength and power and with its help a believer can pierce through all the curtains in front of him and scale such a lofty status that he becomes the cause of happiness and satisfaction of the Prophets (a.s) and Imams (a.s).Traditions of Imams
The Concept of Messiah in Islam (2014-04-21 02:31:11)
Imam al-Mahdi (a.s) was born on the 15th Sha'ban 255 A.H. in Samarra, Iraq. He became the Imam when his father was Martyred in 260 A.H. Imam al-Mahdi (a.s) was only 5 years old when he went into ‘ghaibat' (concealment). The Imam's ghaibat was divided into two periods: Ghaibat-us-Sughra and Ghaibat-ul-Kubra. Ghaibat-us-SughraGhaibat-us-Sughra means ‘the minor concealment.' Its period was about 70 years. It began in 260 A.H. when Imam al-Mahdi (a.s) first went into concealment, and ended in 328 A.H.During Ghaibut-us-Sughra, the Imam appointed some agents to represent him and the peo
Denial of Mahdi(A.S.) is Blasphemy (2014-04-21 02:30:15)
Here we will prove that the denial of Iman-e-Zamana (A.S.) is synonymous to infidelity. First of all we should know what is the actual meaning of idolatry and who is an idolator ? Fourteen hundred years ago part of the globe known as Arabia was the cradle of ignorance andits inhabitants were in a state of illitracy and uneducation. The darkeness of ignorance illuminated with the advent of Islam brought by Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa (Peace be on him and and his progeny).The people one after the other embraced Islam with few exceptions who due to racial and tribal hatred refused to accept t
Topics relating to Imam Mahdi (A.S.), the Awaited Saviour (2014-04-13 21:45:01)
Section 1:Selection of Traditions Discussing the Signs before His Blessed Reappearance, His Emergence and Appearance and What Happens Before ThatReported from Ahmad b Muhammad b 'Ubaid Allah b Ahmad b Ya'qub b Nusair al-Anbari, from Ahmad b Muhammad b Masruq from Abd Allah b Sh'ayb from Muhammad b Ziyad al-Sahami from Sufyan b 'Uyaynah from 'Imran b Dawud from Muhammad b al-Hanafiyyah, he said:The Commander of the faithful (A.S.) said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.) saying: Allah the Almighty said, "I shall definitely punish any people who pledge obedience to an Imam who is not from m
Dua for the Safety of Imam Mahdi (A.S.) (2014-04-13 21:43:58)
TRANSLATIONTRANSLITERATIONO ALLAH! BE NOW AND AT ALL TIMES FOR YOUR DEPUTY HAZRAT HUJJAT IBNIL HASAN (MAY YOUR BLESSINGS BE UPON HIM AND HIS ANCESTORS). MASTER, PROTECTOR, GUIDE, HELPER, PROOF AND GUARD, UNTIL HE RESIDES PEACEFULLY ON YOUR EARTH AND LET HIM ENJOY (YOUR BOUNTIES) FOR A LONG TIME(TO COME).Allah humma kun le wali yekalhujjattibnil Hasan, salawatukaalaihe wa'ala abaehFi hazehis saate wa fi kulles'aat. Waaliyan wa hafezanwa qaedan wa nasera, wadalilan aina hatta tuskenaho arzaka tau an watomatte ahu fi ha tawila.
Philosophy and Reason behind Occultation of Imam Zaman (A.J) (2014-04-13 21:43:16)
Discussion on occultation is a vast topic and traditions in this regard are many. what is necessary for us to know is the following:is there anyone to ask about the philosophy behind occultation and is there anyone who can say: since I do not know the reason behind occultation, I do not believe as you do in the existence of Mahdi and I further say: if as per what you say, Mahdi is the imam, then it is necessary for him to appear amongst the people and walk in the market-places!We say: concerning the numerous 'mustafiza' traditions which we previously mentioned and few more of which we shall in
The Occultation Of Imam Mahdi (A.S. (2014-04-13 21:42:15)
The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.S.) said:"O Ali know that the most strangest of the people of Imaan and the greatest of them in certainty are those people who will be in Aakheruzzamaan (the last period of time). They will not meet the Prophet. And their Imam will be hidden from them. But they will believe (only) due to black upon white."(Kamaaluddin vol.1 Pg.288)The "black upon white" means the writings on paper. It means that these people will believe in the Quran and the sunnat as recorded in the books, even though they may not see their Imam (A.S.).Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (A.S.) said:"Certainty, the ma
The Special Deputies of Imam Mahdi(A.S.) (2014-04-13 21:40:15)
The first deputy - Hazrat Usman b.. Saeed-e-Amri (r.a.)Hazrat Usman b. Saeed (r.a.) was the first special deputy of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) in Ghaibat-e-Sughra. The renowned Shiite scholar, Shaikh Muhammad b. Hasan Tusi (r.a.) records in his illustrious book, 'Ghaibat' - Among the companions that the infallible Imams (a.s.) considered as virtuous and pious, was Hazrat Usman b. Saeed-e-Amri (r.a.). Imam Ali Naqi, Al Hadi (a.s.) and Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) have spoken highly of him and he was their mosttrusted companion."(Ghaibat-e-Shaikh-e-Tusi, pg. 353)His name and titleUsman was his name and h

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