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In Presence of Ustad
The Material Issues of the House and the Family
Good Mothers and Fathers
God's protection as a stronghold:
Sahifeh Sajjadieh: Set this treasure before your eyes
Warning of being ungrateful for blessings
The Aspects of Virtue in the Family
The Rights of Wives and Husbands in Islam
Responsibilities of the Head of the Household
The Principles of Spirituality in the Family
  In Presence of Ustad

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The Material Issues of the House and the Family (2010-03-08 08:16:52)
The Material Issues of the House and the Family   O ye people! Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good; and do not follow the footsteps of the Evil One, for he is to you an avowed enemy. [Holy Quran: Baqara 2:168] The Virtues and Vices of Wealth A man's need for property and wealth to manage his life's affairs, and especially with the burdensome responsibility of managing a family, is a completely natural need. Wealth and property, business and commerce are not in any way connected with virtue or vice when they are not related to man. For example, iron is a type of property and may b
Good Mothers and Fathers (2012-06-23 09:19:15)
In a part of his book “ The Islamic structure of Family” Professor Hossein Ansarian has described the qualities of a good mother and a good father. This text is a cut. A wife and husband who are adorned with goodness and cleansed of vices are a source of peace and security for each other. They are a source of development, perfection and peace and quiet for their children. They are never indifferent to their offsprings’ needs: the parents kindly and politely answer the request of their children for kindness, material expenses, education, visiting, recreation and marriage. If
God's protection as a stronghold: (2012-06-18 08:59:30)
  The fact that God,The Almighty, never let men go astray  and never let them stay alone is a apart of every  single believer. This fact is well-established by Professor  Hossein  Ansarian  in his geat work “ the land of lovers” which is an exposition on Sahifeh Sajadieh. From his birth in this world until his departure, man is constantly confronted with all sorts of dangers and hazards which could easily destroy man if he is not watchful. Protecting our divine nature is only possible if we could adopt positive and proper mannerisms. In this regard
Sahifeh Sajjadieh: Set this treasure before your eyes (2012-06-08 08:18:59)
Speking on the notability of Sahifeh Sajjadieh, Professor Hossein Ansaryan in the preface of his book “ the land of lovers” gives a historical account of Sahifeh Sajjadieh and illuminates the importance of resorting to this guiding light.   Upon the completion of the Islamic knowledge (Gnosticism) which is a comprehensive and detailed explanation and interpretation, in twelve volumes, on the valuable, ethical-gnostic book called Mesbal Al-Sharia’ah and Meftah Al-Haqiqa, for some time I was contemplating on finding a way to go once again along the path of divine, prosper
I, Hossein Ansayan, the writer of these lines( The land of lovers) together with a friend in the year 1345 on a Wednesday night entered Qum from the Jamkaran Mosque. The city of Qum was in complete darkness. Nobody was seen on the streets. We two were waiting for a taxi to take us to my house which was next to Ayatollah Hojjat’s home. By chance a taxi arrived. The face of the driver was completely different from others. He seemed to be a thoroughly pious man. He asked our destination. My friend replied graveyard. The driver took us to the Vady Asselam Graveyard, telling us: I am a frien
Warning of being ungrateful for blessings (2009-12-07 04:48:15)
5. Warning of being ungrateful for blessings Some people think that the Divine talents and blessings in their hands are their own, and they do not think of the real Benefactor or ponder the source of these talents and blessings. They think that they are the actual owners; therefore, they behave with these blessings as they like and as their tendencies, lusts, and wishes lead them. These people live in adversity and ignorance when they use these Divine blessings in the satanic way, and in the way of impermissible lusts. Worse yet, they use these blessings to mislead their families, children,
The Aspects of Virtue in the Family (2010-03-07 08:20:11)
The Aspects of Virtue in the Family   The Prophet (Pbuh) said: Whoever marries and visits his relatives for the sake of God, God shall attend to him by placing a crown like that of the angels on his head. [Vasa'il, v.20, p.51, Al-i-Bayt Press] The Sincerity of One's Intentions These wise and important words have been reported on the authority of the Prophet (Pbuh): Whoever marries to please Allah and establish a family, God will adorn his head with the crown of angels. Marriage produces numerous benefits: the loving-kindness of a wife and a husband; relief from loneliness; increase in
The Rights of Wives and Husbands in Islam (2010-03-11 08:44:27)
The Rights of Wives and Husbands in Islam   Those are limits set by God: those who obey God and His Apostle will be admitted to Gardens with rivers flowing beneath, to abide therein (forever) and that will be the Supreme achievement. [Holy Quran: Nisaa 4:13] An Outlook on Family Rights The rights of wives and husbands are completely described in the Glorious Quran. When studying them one can recognize these mutual rights as being one of the miracles of the pure culture of Islam. No other school of thought has so thoroughly attended to the rights of wives and their husbands until now,
Responsibilities of the Head of the Household (2010-03-10 08:23:30)
Responsibilities of the Head of the Household   O ye who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is Men and Stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who flinch not (from executing) the Commands they receive from God, but do (precisely) what they are commanded. [Holy Quran: Tahrim 66: 6]   Protect Yourself and Your Family From the Fire of Hell A verse in chapter Tahrim places an extremely heavy responsibility on the head of household. If all the people, especially those responsible for their wife and children, paid close attention
The Principles of Spirituality in the Family (2010-03-09 08:18:28)
The Principles of Spirituality in the Family   Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancour: Fear God: [Holy Quran: Maida 5:3] Spiritual Blessings Many blessings have been bestowed upon man by God to live a pure life, and only God knows the value of these blessings. Some of these blessings left for us are the intellect, the Quran, Prophethood, Imamat, religious scholars and the literature on practical, moral and religious issues. We will briefly discuss the meaning of each of these blessings for the readers' information. Intellect
Security in Life (2010-03-06 08:43:21)
Security in Life   Whatever good, (O man!) happens to thee, is from God; But whatever evil happens to thee, is from thy (own) soul. [Holy Quran: Nisaa 4:79] The Good and the Bad Man is a creature consisting of the intellect, the heart, the soul and the body. Good and bad aspects exist for each part of man's being; all the good ones originate in God and all the bad ones originate in man himself. Nothing but benefits, goodness, mercy and blessings come from the Sacred Existence, God, Who is mentioned in the Glorious Quran as having the following attributes: the All-Benevolent; the All-M
The Modest Covering and Woman’s Chasteness (2010-03-03 08:07:33)
The Modest Covering and Woman’s Chasteness Thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty except... [Holy Quran: Nur 24:31] Veiling, or covering woman's beauty and protecting her from the evil eyes of the rude, lustfully corrupt and satanic men is a Quranic decree, a holy law, human duty and a moral affair. Islamic veiling, whose best form, is the long veil or chador being a reminder of that spring of chasteness Fatimah Zahra (Pbuh). The veil is not a block to acquiring knowledge and perfection for a woman. Rather, the veil protects her f
Islamic Ethics in the Family Structure (2010-03-02 07:44:26)
Islamic Ethics in the Family Structure The Prophet (Pbuh) said: I recommend you to have good morality, since verily this will take you to heaven, and you should not be foul tempered since that will undoubtedly take you to Hell. [Vasa'il, v.16, p.29, Al-i-Bayt Press] The Value of Good Morality It is necessary for parents to consider a few things which are repeatedly stressed in the Holy Quran for the sake of themselves and their children. It is not difficult to have good morals and avoid evil acts. It is easy to put morals into action and avoid unethical acts in a short period of time. This
Hygiene in the Family Structure (2010-03-01 08:22:41)
Hygiene in the Family Structure For God loveth those who turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean. [Holy Quran Baqara 2:222] The Worth of Cleanliness and Hygiene in Islam Once the marriage takes place and the young couple start their mutual life with love and affection, they must attend to basic issues in life, and seriously avoid any indifference or sluggishness in this regard. One of these basic issues is cleanliness and hygiene in all aspects of life. We must pay close attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of our body, hair, mouth and teeth, clot
Islam’s Original Plans for Marriage (2010-02-28 08:15:11)
Islam’s Original Plans for Marriage And those who pray, "Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous." [Holy Quran: Furqan 25:74] Marriage Negotiations When a marriage is being considered, it is customary among Muslims to conduct investigations about both families. Then they conduct negotiations to determine the conditions for the marriage and the wedding ceremony, and to establish the amount of the nuptial gift. Among the questions asked, the families should try to answer those questions that are appro
Do not Marry Such Women (2010-02-27 08:12:50)
Do not Marry Such Women As you read, Islam does not allow us to marry off our daughters to several groups of people including the corrupt, the stupid, the ill-tempered, and the alcoholics. Thus by prohibiting such marriages, a woman's respect and honor are safeguarded. In the same manner, Islam prohibits the marriage of young noble, believing men with those women who do not meet divine and Islamic conditions. There exist many important traditions cited in authentic books regarding this issue which have been cited from the sources of revelations. A reference is made to some of them here. Th
Perils of Keeping up With the Joneses (2010-02-25 08:30:59)
Perils of Keeping up With the Joneses Keeping up with the Joneses is a bad behavior observed in some people. By considering the much higher financial status of either their neighbors or friends, they try desperately to attain a similar status. The unmarried girl who looks at the financial status of other girls in the family or among friends, wishes that her future husband, and her wedding ceremony be exactly similar to theirs. Thus she insists on rejecting the marriage proposals of those who are not that well-off. She puts off the marriage so long that she feels obliged either to marry an o
Obstacles to Marriage (2010-02-24 08:13:07)
Obstacles to Marriage God intends every facility for you ; He does not want to put you to difficulties. [Holy Quran: Baqara 2:185] Strictness in Marriage Young men and women's need to marry is natural and intrinsic. It seems hard for them to resist sexual instincts for a very long time. Delaying marriage has at times led to corruption and sin. Preventing marriage has at times made young men and women ill. The need to marry and obstacles to marriage have at times led to a love affair which not only causes corruption, but may also leads to suicide attempts. When they reach the age of marriage
One's Independence in Marriage (2010-02-23 08:33:49)
One's Independence in Marriage Mothers and fathers must pay attention to the fact that the right to choose a spouse - with important conditions that dear Islam has stated - belongs to the offspring themselves. Parents do not have the right to force their son to marry a girl whom he does not approve of. Also parents do not have the right to force their daughters to marry the ones she does not want to. The offspring have the God-given right of freedom to choose their spouse. A very important tradition has commented upon the right to choose in marriage: Ibn Aby Ya'fur said that he had the foll
Man’s and Woman’s Independence in Islam (2010-02-22 08:08:54)
Man’s and Woman’s Independence in Islam Don't be anyone's slave since God created you to be free." [Bihar al-Anwar, v.77, p.214] Human Freedom and Independence Mankind's creation is based upon his freedom in life, independence in carrying out daily affairs and in control over choices. No one has the right to make another his slave imprisoning that individual to serve his own needs. To deprive others of freedom and free will is a mortal sin, capital treason and a great crime. Liberty and the control over one's affairs are ingrained in man's essence, whose nature was created with

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