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The Material Issues of the House and the Family
Good Mothers and Fathers
God's protection as a stronghold:
Sahifeh Sajjadieh: Set this treasure before your eyes
Warning of being ungrateful for blessings
The Aspects of Virtue in the Family
The Rights of Wives and Husbands in Islam
Responsibilities of the Head of the Household
The Principles of Spirituality in the Family
  Family and Its System in Islam
To Every Husband and Wife (2014-09-27 22:17:33)
1.The reality of marriage It must be taken into consideration that marriage in fact is the intermarriage of the souls, not just the bodies. From this it becomes known that the spiritual intermarriage needs a special kind of maturity, and not attaining the stage of spiritual majority and maturity in this connection might be a cause of the relapsing of the marital life even when committed to some of the external indications of the Shariah, because the conventional religious commitment may not inevitably accompany the stage of majority and awareness of the details of marital life. And the book
A Guideline for Marriage (2014-09-27 22:14:59)
May God's blessings and mercy be on your Marrriage is the Prophet's (pbuh) tradition in life; it is not a mere bond and unity between two physical bodies. Rather it is the assemblage of two spirits. Marriage is not aimed at attaining a transient joy, rather at reaching human perfection and perpetuating the human generation. Be a meritorious wife for your husband as God wants you to be a woman with a prosperous life in this world and a guaranteed salvation in the other world. The following steps may help you to recognize your duties as a wife and to better fulfill them. One: Accompany your hu
WHAT LOVE BRINGS (2014-09-27 22:13:03)
A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said, "I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat." "Is the man of the house home?", they asked. "No", she replied. "He's out." "Then we cannot come in", they replied. In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened. "Go tell them I am home and invite them in!" The woman went out and invited the men in "We do not go into a House together," they replied. "Why is that?" she asked. One o
Marriage, Family and Life (2014-09-27 20:39:48)
Men and women need each other spiritually and intrinsically and such a need is something that does not change because of social changes and industrial and technological advancement. This need is rooted in the nature of human beings and it is this very nature which drives human beings to form families and sound family relations. It is an important concern of our age which accounts for the decrease in wrong-doing, mental aberration and disorganized state of affairs and should be considered with special care. The difficulties in forming families and relations cannot only be removed through legal
Hijab Supplement (2014-09-18 15:39:45)
Allah states in Qur'an: ' And We did not create the heaven and the earth and what is between them for sport. Had We wished to make a diversion, We would have made it from before ourselves: by no means would We do (it).' Holy Qur'an (21:16, 17) The above surah amply emphasizes the seriousness with which Allah created this world and everything that exists therein, including the human beings. Allah created us for a specific and important purpose and it is the duty of every Muslim to lead a disciplined life, realizing the seriousness of this purpose. Human beings must distinguish themselves from
Some Anecdotes regarding Fear and Hope (Khauf wa Raja) (2014-08-31 15:15:58)
Muhammad Yakub Kulaini quotes from Imam Zain-ul-'Abidin (as) that some people were sailing in a boat when it toppled in a storm. Only one woman survived by hanging on to a wooden plank that kept afloat. She landed in an island where she met a sinful person. When he saw the woman the evil desires rose in his mind. The woman cried and begged him to spare her the ignominy. The man told her why she was so scared of anyone in that lonely place.The woman raised her hand towards the sky and said, "I am afraid of my Allah!" The evil person asked her, "Have you never done such an act?" The woman replie
The Lament of Prophet Yahya (2014-08-31 15:14:38)
It is narrated from The Prophet of Islam (S) that Prophet Yahya (as) had propensity for piety from his very childhood. He used to go to the Bayt al Muqdis and look at the hermits in prayer, wearing dress made of hair and wool tying their locks to the pillars of the building. He asked his mother to make for him similar dress that he could join the other people in prayer.The mother asked Yahya (as) to be patient till his father, the prophet Zakaria (as) arrived, that they consult him before arranging the ceremonial dress for him.When Prophet Zakaria (as) arrived, he was consulted. He told to Yah
Penury, Both Contemptible and Praiseworthy (2014-08-31 15:06:37)
The Prophet of Islam (S) has said that the first to enter the Heaven will be the faqirs or the impecunious persons. When they are admitted to the Heaven, people will wonder why they were allowed to enter without any questioning. Then the faqirs would say that they needed not to render any account that they were neither king nor had any high ranks in the world. They had no wealth to be responsible for apportioning it. They were busy in the world supplicating to Allah and awaited their call.One should know that faqr or penury is of two types. One is Faqr il Allah or Penury in the way of God; the
Sincerity of Action (2014-08-31 15:05:47)
The Prophet of Islam (S) has said, "O Abu Dharr! Happy are the people who shun the world and have their attention riveted on the Hereafter! They consider the place for taking rest and the dust their linen. They consider water as a substitute for fragrance. They feel that the Holy Book is their raiment and supplication their garment! They think that their harvest for the Hereafter is the good deeds and the worldly harvest is their wealth and the progeny! One who strives for the Hereafter, Allah will provide him the means of Salvation! To the contrary, one who strives only for the worldly gains,
About Hur al-'Ayn (2014-08-31 15:04:54)
Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) has said: O Abu Baseer! There is a canal in the Heaven on either bank of which are stationed maids. The mu'min who passes that way would select the maids who would willingly accompany him. Allah will create and station more maids in their place.The Hur al-'Ayn are created with luminous soil. Their limbs would appear shining from within a thousand garments. The heart of the mu'min would be the mirror for the Hur al-'Ayn. Their hearts would be the mu'min's mirror. Their hearts would be clear and delicate and would be reflective. The talk of the Hur al-'Ayn would be so s
Hijab in Islam (2014-08-31 14:59:30)
Through an analytical approach, the present research is an attempt to find fair answers to such questions, investigating the issue of "hijab"‌ in Islamic community and among other peoples and nations in the past as well as analyzing its philosophy by benefiting from the original sources of Islamic school of thought, thereby achieving a clear vision for the status of implementing this stable and firm value within the contemporary Iranian society. ‘Hijab' is an Arabic word which literally means to put on, to cover, curtain, veil or covering (noun); however, among all these meanings,
No Burkinis! Morocco hotels ban ‘halal’ suit (2014-08-31 14:52:38)
Several Moroccan resorts in the tourist city of Marrakesh have issued new regulations, banning the use of modest burkini in their private pools over what they called "hygiene reasons". Only "ordinary swim-suits" are permissible, Mazagan beach resort, located in al-Jadida which is south of the economic capital Casablanca, told Al Arabiya News. The officials of the resort added that burkinis are not allowed to be worn in the resort's swimming pools. The burkini is derived from the words burqa (a head-to-ankle dress) and bikini, resembles a wetsuit with built-in hood. The two-piece swimsuit incor
The Tale of a Seeker of the World (2014-08-23 16:38:49)
Bin Babawiyah quotes through a reliable source that Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) has told about a person who lived in the olden days. The man sought to find livelihood through fair means. He failed. He tried illegitimate means and even then he didn't succeed. Satan came to him and told him that he would suggest a stratagem to the man to succeed in his efforts. The person agreed. Satan suggested to him to float a new religion. Encourage people to join its ranks. The man acted on the suggestion and soon became very rich.One day the man thought that he had committed the foulest of deeds. He felt tha
Laughter and Jest of a Mumin (2014-08-23 16:38:01)
A mu'min will have gracefulness on his face even if he is sad at his heart. A person remaining morose all the time is not good. A mu'min must keep a broad forehead, pleasant mien, and good nature. He should also have a good sense of humor. But all this should be in moderation.It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (S) that excessive jesting puts one to shame and excessive laughter harms ones faith. If a person lies, the radiance of his face diminishes.The Prophet Dawood (as) told to Prophet Sulaiman (as) three things, one of which was, "My Son! Don't laugh much that on the Day of Reckoning o
Laziness in Offering Prayers (2014-08-23 16:37:19)
Laziness in offering mandatory prayers is a trait of the hypocrites. Mu'min should not be tardy about offering prayers and should fulfill this obligation with humility and fear of Allah.Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) has said that when one thinks of performing a good deed, then he should hasten to accomplish it; lest Satan diverts his mind and the deed is not done! Dedication of Heart in PrayerImam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) has said, "Abstain from two habits: Losing interest in performing tasks and shirking from doing work."Losing interest in work would curb ones instinct of patience and being lazy wil
Beware of the Curse of the Oppressed (2014-08-23 16:36:37)
The Prophet of Allah (S) says, "Beware of the curse of the oppressed that it goes beyond the skies and Allah looks at him with kindness and says, ‘Raise his prayer, I shall accept it!'"The Prophet (S) also said, "Prevent yourself from your father's curse. It is sharper than the spear!"It has come in the traditions that four types of prayer are not rejected by Allah::1. A father's prayer for his son. 2. Prayer of the oppressed against the oppressor. 3. Prayer of the person who is on the minor pilgrimage (Umrah). 4. The prayer of a person who is fasting.It is said that the prayers of five
The Benefits of Mu’anaqah or Embrace (2014-08-23 16:35:47)
Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) says, "When two Mu'mins embrace each other, the Allah's Blessing will be on them! When they embrace each other only to please Allah, without any worldly motives, the angels say, ‘all your sins have been pardoned! Repeat the act of embrasure!' When two Mu'mins start speaking, the angels responsible for recording the deeds of the people ask one other to stay away from them that perhaps they desire to exchange secrets and Allah wishes to keep them from others hearing!" The narrator asked: Do the angels not record these exchanges despite Allah observing, No person u
About the Sufferings of the Pious in the World (2014-08-23 16:26:37)
It is narrated from Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as) that the prophet of Islam (S) said: For great suffering, man gets equally rewarded by Allah. When Allah considers a person His friend, he puts him to severe test too. If the person confronts those hardships with patience and forbearance, he would receive Allah's Help. If the person doesn't resign to the Will of Allah, his suffering will be the more.Abdallah bin Bakr asked Imam Ja'far As-Sadiq (as), "Can a pious Mu'min ever suffer from leprosy and other serious ailments?" The Imam (as) replied, "Hardships are only for testing the Mu'mins." Then he a
Nigeria Muslims Urge Caution over Hijab Scare (2014-08-22 04:22:27)
"It is not surprising (if young Muslim ladies are avoiding hijab) given the context in which we are now where you see females being involved in attaching bombs to their body and many of them dying in the process," Dr Abubakar Mu'azu, a known researcher on the insurgency in the country's northeast, told "Hijab which ordinarily should be a dress of modesty and fear of God in the human mind is now being abused by evil ones in the society," he added. Dr Mu'azu was commenting on a new phenomenon in which women in north Nigeria's largest city Kano have been abandoning their traditiona
Children’s Rights on Parents (2014-05-19 01:25:25)
Children's Rights on ParentsCommentary: in the above hadith (tradition) only the saying of Adhan has been mentioned, but in another tradition reported by Imam Hussain, the Prophet [SAW] prescribed the saying of adhan in the right ear and Iqamah in the left ear of the new-born child, and also mentioned its auspiciousness. He said that on account of it, the child remained safe from infantile epilepsy. As these traditions show, the primary claim of a child on his parents is that his ears, and through his ears, his head and heart are made aquatinted with the name of the Almighty God and His Onene

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