Monday 22nd 2014
In Presence of Ustad
The Material Issues of the House and the Family
Good Mothers and Fathers
God's protection as a stronghold:
Sahifeh Sajjadieh: Set this treasure before your eyes
Warning of being ungrateful for blessings
The Aspects of Virtue in the Family
The Rights of Wives and Husbands in Islam
Responsibilities of the Head of the Household
The Principles of Spirituality in the Family
  Family and Its System in Islam

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Woman wearing a niqab forced to leave Paris Opera (2014-12-01 23:15:11)
  The press revealed on October 19, 16 days after the event, that during a performance of La Traviata at the Opéra Bastille in Paris, a woman spectator was made to leave on the orders of the deputy manager of the Paris Opera, Jean-Philippe Thiellay, because she was wearing a niqab. She was a tourist from a Persian Gulf state holidaying in Paris with her husband. According to Thiellay, "some members of the choir indicated that they would not sing" if the woman remained in the hall. This scandalous act of discrimination demonstrates the undemocratic nature of the laws and measures
“Five Star” or Saudi-ized Hajj (2014-12-01 23:10:24)
  The annual Hajj pilgrimage that ended in the first week of October, was meant by God Almighty to remove all distinctions of wealth, class, position or authority, but as Canada-based Journalist Zafar Bangash Zafar Bangash, who is Director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought, points out in the Crescent International Fortnightly, "the Saudis have reduced it to a purely commercial enterprise devoid of its Qur'anic content and Prophetic sunnah." Following is his interesting remarks in this regard.   The Hajj is meant to be a great leveller. By donning the Ehraam or two p
Muslims Tweet against hate (2014-12-01 23:08:36)
  As news about the growing influence of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) spread, an army of Muslim "clicktivists" armed with 140-character positive, peaceful or humorous messages, have taken to Twitter to counter anti-Muslim sentiments.   "The insidious thing about anti-Arab hate speech is that it seems to be acceptable, where the ‘n-word' or anti-Semitic remarks are not taken with the same degree of outrage," Linda Sarsour, a Brooklyn-based Palestinian activist, told Columbia Dispatch. Using hashtags such as #TakeOnHate, #IStandUpBecause and #NotI
Why Is Alcohol Banned in Islam? (2014-11-22 22:49:40)
Thou believers, do not approach prayers while you are drunk, until you know what you are saying" (The Quran: Surah 4, Verse 43). (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Alcohol is generally regarded as an invisible or forgotten drug, often referring to a substance extensively used by people, most of whom do not know or consider it as an addictive drug. From psychological point of view, alcohol is not the answer, it just makes you forget the question. Scientifically speaking, alcohol, once entering the blood, will make blood veins expand or become wider; in case of continuous use, it will cause serious d
The Concept of Messiah in Islam (2014-11-22 22:39:57)
INTRODUCTION Islam, being the youngest of the three great revealed religions, shares many ideas and concepts with Christianity and Judaism because the origin of all three religions is the same God. One of those ideas is that of messianism, the idea of expecting someone who will came as the saviour to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. In today's talk, let us briefly look at the concept of messiah in Islam. MESSIANISM IN ISLAM Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last prophet and messenger of God. Muslims also believe that God will grant total and comprehensive victory to Islam ove
My Parents Let Me Choose, and I Chose Islam (2014-11-22 22:27:27)
  My name is Leilah Ahmad. My parents have two kids; my brother and I. My mom is Australian, and my father is a Pakistani. So it's a bit of a mix there. I wasn't growing up in a religious background. My parents let me choose. So in a sense I had the chance to understand Islam truly for myself. I didn't have anyone push me to anything. So, when I realized that my father was going somewhere every Friday, I asked my mom "Where's my dad going?" She said "Jumu`ah." I had no idea what Jumu`ah was. I didn't even know he was Muslim. And I decided to ask him about it. He explained to me the purpo
Study: Wearing Hijab Helps Body Confidence (2014-11-22 22:19:28)
British Muslim women who wear the hijab feel generally better about their body image than those who don't wear the hijab suggests research published in the British Journal of Psychology today. (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The research, conducted by Dr Viren Swami from the University of Westminster and colleagues looked at body image issues amongst British Muslim women. Dr Swami explained: "In the West anxiety about body image, for women, is so prevalent it's considered normal. This study aimed to explore how these attitudes differ within a British Muslim community." A total of 587 Muslim wome
Trust in God (2014-11-22 22:15:57)
Trust in God is an admission of our shortcomings and a reliance on Him for success. It is a duty of the faithful to trust in Allah and to believe that their success depends on His Will. Allah the Most High said: "Allah, there is no god but He; and upon Allah, then, let the believers rely." He also said: "And whoever trusts in Allah, He is sufficient for him." He also said: "Those only are believers whose hearts become full of fear when Allah is mentioned, and when Our communications are recited to them they increase them in faith, and upon their Lord do they rely." He also said: "And Allah
Humans on Destruction Path (2014-11-12 12:09:27)
BY Raudah Mohd Yunus is a medical practitioner currently doing general practice and is based in Kuala Lumpur. She obtained her MBBCh from Alexandria University, Egypt. She enjoys reading, writing, painting, calligraphy and doing social and humanitarian w My childhood was rather colorful. The privilege of growing up in both the city and village made me appreciate the beauty and importance of nature. I remember the days when my cousins and I used to fish at a small open drain in front of my grandma's ‘Kampung-style' house. Yes, it was only a drain to accommodate water surplus when rainfa
Is Modern Science Compatible With Islam? (2014-11-12 12:07:32)
Whether Islam and modern science are compatible or not is not a straightforward question. There is no doubt that Islamic principles encourage knowledge and its pursuit. What could however be of doubt is this equivalence that we sometimes assume between knowledge attained through modern science, and knowledge that is praised in Islam. Can we consider experimental scientific research an act of worship to Allah (God Almighty)? Are there rules for science to become an act of worship? These questions assume that science is always compatible with Islam. Is that assumption true? Are there obstacl
Education in Islamic History (2014-11-12 12:06:00)
From the very earliest days of Islam, the issue of education has been at the forefront at the minds of the Muslims. The very first word of the Quran that was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was, in fact, "Read". Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once stated that "Seeking knowledge is mandatory for all Muslims." With such a direct command to go out and seek knowledge, Muslims have placed huge emphasis on the educational system in order to fulfill this obligation placed on them by the Prophet (PBUH). Throughout Islamic history, education was a point of pride and a field Muslims have always excelled
Islamic Solution to Depression (2014-11-12 12:02:56)
No human being is burdened with trouble and difficulties they cannot bear. The Qur'an teaches ''(God) will never place a burden on a soul that it cannot bear''. This shows that the human being can bear many unthinkable burdens that one initially feels that they cannot bear. How many times in your life, you felt you cannot take it anymore, but you lived through it? How many humans go through great difficulties in life but live through it? After every hardship is ease Life is one difficulty after another. One task after another, one issue after another. However, it is important to know that wh
What will happen if people faults are revealed to each other? (2014-11-12 11:59:07)
Imam Javad (A.S) answering Abdolazim Hassani narrated from his ancestors and fathers, saying: If the faults of any of you were revealed to each one of you, you would not bury each other [1]. The saying of Imam Javad (A.S) has two great lessons. First; we should never become proud of some material or spiritual success and boast to others. We must always remember that apart from the infallibles and saints, other people may have deficiencies in their actions and moralities. The only being who is aware of this, is the Almighty and due to God's kindness, these deficiencies are hidden in order to pr
To Every Husband and Wife (2014-09-27 22:17:33)
1.The reality of marriage It must be taken into consideration that marriage in fact is the intermarriage of the souls, not just the bodies. From this it becomes known that the spiritual intermarriage needs a special kind of maturity, and not attaining the stage of spiritual majority and maturity in this connection might be a cause of the relapsing of the marital life even when committed to some of the external indications of the Shariah, because the conventional religious commitment may not inevitably accompany the stage of majority and awareness of the details of marital life. And the book
A Guideline for Marriage (2014-09-27 22:14:59)
May God's blessings and mercy be on your Marrriage is the Prophet's (pbuh) tradition in life; it is not a mere bond and unity between two physical bodies. Rather it is the assemblage of two spirits. Marriage is not aimed at attaining a transient joy, rather at reaching human perfection and perpetuating the human generation. Be a meritorious wife for your husband as God wants you to be a woman with a prosperous life in this world and a guaranteed salvation in the other world. The following steps may help you to recognize your duties as a wife and to better fulfill them. One: Accompany your hu
WHAT LOVE BRINGS (2014-09-27 22:13:03)
A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said, "I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat." "Is the man of the house home?", they asked. "No", she replied. "He's out." "Then we cannot come in", they replied. In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened. "Go tell them I am home and invite them in!" The woman went out and invited the men in "We do not go into a House together," they replied. "Why is that?" she asked. One o
Marriage, Family and Life (2014-09-27 20:39:48)
Men and women need each other spiritually and intrinsically and such a need is something that does not change because of social changes and industrial and technological advancement. This need is rooted in the nature of human beings and it is this very nature which drives human beings to form families and sound family relations. It is an important concern of our age which accounts for the decrease in wrong-doing, mental aberration and disorganized state of affairs and should be considered with special care. The difficulties in forming families and relations cannot only be removed through legal
Hijab Supplement (2014-09-18 15:39:45)
Allah states in Qur'an: ' And We did not create the heaven and the earth and what is between them for sport. Had We wished to make a diversion, We would have made it from before ourselves: by no means would We do (it).' Holy Qur'an (21:16, 17) The above surah amply emphasizes the seriousness with which Allah created this world and everything that exists therein, including the human beings. Allah created us for a specific and important purpose and it is the duty of every Muslim to lead a disciplined life, realizing the seriousness of this purpose. Human beings must distinguish themselves from
Some Anecdotes regarding Fear and Hope (Khauf wa Raja) (2014-08-31 15:15:58)
Muhammad Yakub Kulaini quotes from Imam Zain-ul-'Abidin (as) that some people were sailing in a boat when it toppled in a storm. Only one woman survived by hanging on to a wooden plank that kept afloat. She landed in an island where she met a sinful person. When he saw the woman the evil desires rose in his mind. The woman cried and begged him to spare her the ignominy. The man told her why she was so scared of anyone in that lonely place.The woman raised her hand towards the sky and said, "I am afraid of my Allah!" The evil person asked her, "Have you never done such an act?" The woman replie
The Lament of Prophet Yahya (2014-08-31 15:14:38)
It is narrated from The Prophet of Islam (S) that Prophet Yahya (as) had propensity for piety from his very childhood. He used to go to the Bayt al Muqdis and look at the hermits in prayer, wearing dress made of hair and wool tying their locks to the pillars of the building. He asked his mother to make for him similar dress that he could join the other people in prayer.The mother asked Yahya (as) to be patient till his father, the prophet Zakaria (as) arrived, that they consult him before arranging the ceremonial dress for him.When Prophet Zakaria (as) arrived, he was consulted. He told to Yah

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