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Iraq's FM Calls Sunni Muslims Main Victims of ISIL (2014-11-24 00:35:31)
"Takfiris first attacked Sunnis, and the northern city of Mosul, which is a Sunni-populated region, was invaded by Takfiris from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group. These terrorists do not have any faith or religion," Ibrahim al-Jaafari said on Sunday. He made the comments in an address to an international conference on threats posed by extremist and Takfiri groups underway in Iran's central holy city of Qom from November 23 to 24. In Iraq, Sunnis constitute 84 percent of the victims of the ISIL terrorists, Christiand account for 2 percent of them and the remaining 14 perc
Umayyad from the viewpoint of Abu Hanifa’s thought and deeds (2014-11-24 00:34:22)
Author Ali Akbar Sharifi   Abstract This study attempts to introduce diverse aspects of theoretical and practical policies of "Abu Hanifa" in connection with Umayyad through an analytical-descriptive method of research. In regard to theoretical aspect, Abu Hanifa reckons Umayyad dynasty caliphate to be from an unlawful institute and Muăwiyah (its very first caliph and founder) as rebellious and unjust. From practical view, everything, from rebellion against Umayyad to Abu Hanifa sincerity and optimism to Islam Ahl-Ul-Bayt and his remarks on this family virtue as well as his good be
Danger of Takfiri movements and strategies to counter them from the viewpoint of the Supreme leader (2014-11-24 00:33:09)
Author Alireza Daneshyar (Ph.D student in Islamic Revolution Studies from Qom faculty of Theology and researcher in Al-Mustafa International Research Center (Political Studies and Islamic Revolution) and a graduated from Qom seminary   Abstract This study diagnoses dangers of Takfiri movements in three fields of believes, morality and conduct from viewpoint of the supreme leader and then it examines strategies to overcome the damages done by takfiri movements from viewpoint of the supreme leader. This study proves that, in the filed of believes, takfiri movements have an imperfect and
Tehran Friday Prayer Leader hits out at Israel Judaization bid (2014-11-24 00:11:38)
A senior Iranian cleric has denounced Israel's acts of aggression against Palestinians, saying the Tele Aviv regime is pressing ahead with its project to Judaize al-Quds (Jerusalem). "The Zionists don't let Muslims into al-Quds, but instead let in extremist Jews and build houses for them so that they would not need military forces anymore," Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati told worshippers at weekly Friday Prayers in Tehran.  
Eminent Egyptian scholar: We Will Stand Against Takfiris with All our Strength. (2014-11-24 00:10:18)
One the prominent scholars of Egypt in "international congress of extremist and Takfiri Movements in view Muslim scholars" said: we will root out the Takfiri ideology. According to Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA), "Tajoddin Helali", prominent Egyptian scholar, in the opening ceremony of "international congress of extremist and Takfiri Movements in view Muslim scholars" which was held today in qom, in addition to appreciation of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi's efforts in holding this congress said: Takfiri groups under the pretext of religious war and raising the flag of There is no God but A
A Shia Police constable martyred in Peshawar (2014-11-24 00:09:07)
PESHAWAR: A Shia police constable was shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Wadpaga village of Khyber-Pukhtoonkhwa province on Wednesday. Police said the deceased, Syed Arshad Ali Shah, was a police constable who had been assigned to guard the local Shia mosque and imambargah. A police official said initial reports suggest the attack was a target killing incident with sectarian motives. Shia parties and leaders have condemned the murder of Shia policeman. They said that genocide against Shia Muslims could not be stopped without the government's action to eliminate the takfiri terrorists. They
The World Congress on Extremist and Takfiri Movements in the Islamic Scholars’ view Kickoff in Qom (2014-11-24 00:07:43)
The International Congress on Extremist and Takfiri Movements in the Islamic Scholars' View will be held on Nov. 23 and 24 in Qom, the religious capital of Iran. The congress try to gather Islamic scholars and clerics to discuss the controversial issues of Takfiri movement and the extremism and terror that it caused throughout the world. Hujjat al-Islam Alizadeh, the chief executive of the congress, in a recent press conference said that this event is of the greatest importance in the Muslim world, especially within the Shia branch of Islam. "The congress' plan is to gather the 600 Muslim s
Ayatollah Makarem: Separate the Deceived Youth from Takfiris / ISIL Neither a 'State' nor 'Islamic' (2014-11-24 00:06:10)
According to Ahlul Bayt News Agency (ABNA), after fourteen month of constant scientific effort and investigation, the 'World Congress of Extremist and Takfiri Movements in View of Muslim Scholars' started at 9.15 today, Sunday 23rd November. As the first speaker of the congress, Grand Shia cleric 'Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi' stated that: I welcome all of you and appreciate your participation in this congress. Currently we should study and investigate their motives and understand the beliefs of this deviant group and then root them out. Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi pointed out the crimes of
Azerbaijan Grand Mufti: Desecration of Al-Aqsa Is Outcome of Discord among Muslims (2014-11-25 00:02:21)
Sheikh ul-Islam and Grand Mufti of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus said the Zionist regime's desecration of al-Aqsa Mosque is because there is discord and disunity among Muslims. Addressing the "Extremist and Takfiri Groups in View of Muslim Scholars" conference in Qom, Allahshukur Pashazadeh underlined the need for Muslim unity and said Takfiri and terrorist groups like ISIL are seeking to foment disunity in the Islamic world. He described Takfiri groups as a great threat to humanity and the Islamic Ummah, saying that the enemies use these groups to distort the image of Islam. The "Extremist a
Destruction of Israel, A Divine Promise (2014-11-22 23:28:45)
Secretary general of the International Union of Resistance Scholars underlined that the Divine promise about the destruction of Israel is evident in the Quran and the holy prophet's (PBUH) tradition. In an address to a conference held in Beirut under the title of "Resistance and Return to Palestine", Sheikh Maher Hammoud added that this Divine promise can even be clearly seen in the Torah and the Jewish culture.He noted that the Zionist regime is struggling with various crises resulting from the occupying regime's defeats in the 2000, 2006, 2008 and the recent war in Gaza, al-Nushra website r
Belarus Bans Hijab in IDs, Passports (2014-11-22 23:25:13)
Muslim women in Belarus would not be allowed to don hijab in their drive licenses, national IDs and passports after the government installed a new decision banning the Muslim headscarf in official papers. The decision has been announced by the Religious and National Interfaith Commissioner Council during their annual general meeting. According to Dmitry Levchenko, the President of the Domestic Residency Department, no photographs of scarves or hats will be accepted on identification cards or passports.He added that a 2008-decision allowing hijab in identification cards photos will no longer
Man Detained in Malaysia for Burning Quran (2014-11-22 23:14:01)
Police detained a man over the discovery of several torn pages of the Quran believed to have been burned in a container at a food court near a market in Malaysia's city of Alor Setar on Friday. Kedah State's acting police chief said the man was arrested at a supermarket in Mergong.He said the man, whose personal details had not been ascertained, would be referred to the hospital for examination and treatment."According to traders at the market, the man was often seen wandering in the market area and was also always seen burning papers (near a food court)," he said in a statement.Several torn
New England's Oldest Mosque Celebrates 50th Anniversary (2014-11-22 23:12:10)
New England's oldest mosque, which will celebrate its 50th anniversary Saturday with a ceremony in Quincy followed by a banquet at Lombardo's in Randolph. As America's Muslim population grew rapidly, since opening in 1964, so did the size of the Islamic Center, The Patriot Ledger reported.According to the Patrick Ronan report, the mosque started with seven founding families and has expanded to more than 1,000 member families from all over the South Shore and Greater Boston. The original members hailed from one country - Lebanon - while today's congregation represents 36 different nationalitie
Elections Fuel Cycle of Instability in Bahrain (2014-11-22 22:52:11)
Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain (ADHRB), the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) and the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD), having condemned in the strongest terms the recent arrest and alleged torture of at least thirteen women in Bahrain, would like to call further attention to the instability perpetuated by the Bahraini government in the lead up to the nation's first elections in three years. The detention of the activists for organizing a public referendum counts as yet another overreaction from a government unwilling to meet the demands of the inte
Turkey to open mosques 'in every university' (2014-11-22 22:48:11)
Turkey's top religious body said on Friday that there are plans to build a mosque in every state university, adding to concerns over what critics say are creeping efforts to force Islamic values on the society. "Mosques are under construction in over 80 universities. Fifteen of them have been opened for prayers and we will open at least 50 more in 2015," said Mehmet Gormez, the head of Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate, known as Diyanet in Turkish. "There are 20 million young people in our country and we would like to reach out to each one of them," he told the official Anatolia news ag
How Lebanon has repelled the Islamic State (2014-11-22 22:44:38)
Global debate in recent weeks has centred on United States President Barack Obama's initiative to prevent the advance of the Islamic State. But another force has emerged as an unlikely rampart against the barbaric and delusional leaders of the self-proclaimed caliphate: Lebanese pluralism. Indeed, despite the shortcomings of its political system, Lebanon can provide a template for managing cultural diversity and rejecting radicalism in an unstable and fragmented setting. In August, the Lebanese army showed considerable fortitude as it fought Islamic State militants in the village of Arsal, ne
Journey to the Land of Shia Beating Heart; "Karbala" (2014-11-22 22:34:45)
"Whoever visits Imam Husain (AS) fully comprehending and acknowledging his right, Allah rewards him with the equivalent of a thousand accepted obligatory pilgrimages (hajj) and a thousand accepted voluntary pilgrimages (umrah) and forgives him all of his past and present sins." Imam Sadiq (as).1 (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - After receiving an invitation from Al-Khoei Islamic Center to join a ziarat (pilgrimage) group to visit the Atabat (holy shrines) in Iraq, I was filled with conflicting thoughts and emotions. Should I go? Or should I be "sensible" and pass, missing this unique opportunity? A
UNHCR: Number of Syria Refugees Passes 1.6 Million (2014-11-22 22:29:49)
The UN refugee agency says the number of Syrian refugees sheltered in neighboring countries including Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq has passed 1.6 million. (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) warned on Friday that the number of Syrians who have fled their own land to seek refuge in other states is growing very fast in the face of intensifying conflict in Syria. "UNHCR was able to witness the dire humanitarian situation of these displaced families," agency spokesman Dan McNorton said in Geneva. "Due to the poor sanitation and hygiene condit
Attempt to kill top Shia cleric 'Sheikh Zakzaky': Malama Mukhtar Sahabi cautions Nigerian government (2014-11-12 17:05:59)
Following series of foiled attempts to kill Sheikh Zakzaky recently, Malam Mukhtar Sahabi has cautioned Nigerian government on the implication of its plan. He made the statement at the closeof this year's Ashura Majalis in Kaduna on Sunday. Malam Mukhtar Sahabi said for peace to reign in Nigeria, the government led by Goodluck Jonathan should desist from their planned evil act, as "Sheikh Zakzaky the widely acclaimed as the most peaceful man in the country and even beyond Nigerian shores". According to him, Jonathan had made up his mind to kill Sheikh Zakzaky at all cost, but the consequence
Bahrain: A Shiite detainee murdered under brutal torture in Jaw prison (2014-11-12 17:04:22)
The Liberties and Human Rights Department in Al Wefaq National Islamic Society considers Hasan Majeed Alsheikh a victim of brutal torture. Alsheikh was murdered in the Jaw Central Prison by personnel serving at the Bahraini security apparatus which takes responsibility of the murder. Two other victims, who survived the torture, witnessed the torture crime perpetrated against the victim Hasan AlSheikh. The inmates heard Hasan weeping when he was put in solitary confinement, before he passed away. Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre This is not the first torture crime perpetrated against th

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